About Me

Hello out there! My name is Raye and I'm an elementary teacher in Michigan. I am National Board Certified in Early/Middle Childhood Literacy and am currently a 4th year doctoral student studying Teacher Leadership at Concordia University-Portland. During the 2017-2018 school year, I will be writing and defending my dissertation. My research area is focused upon self-regulation in elementary students.

The 2017-2018 school year marks my 12th year in the classroom, which is unbelievable! Time has flown by! I have taught 2nd-5th grade in the traditional year and a stint with 6th grade ELA in summer school. I have bounced all over between these grades but am currently hanging out in 3rd grade for the third year in a row. (Fun fact: this is the first time EVER in my career that I will have taught the same grade three years in a row!)  I'm in a new school this year and super excited for a fresh start with a fabulous team.

I am loud, obnoxious, opinionated, passionate, stubborn, fabulous and relentless. I give 150% to my students daily and I certainly expect the same from them (although I don't always get it *wink*). I push and push until I get what I need for my friends and usually, while they may not like it at the time, they do learn to appreciate it and it's awesome.

I have huge passion for teaching and learning. I am a new CSP (Candidate Support Provider) for National Board and am constantly pushing myself to continue to learn and grow. My current passion areas are teacher-powered schools, student assessment and how the brain helps motivate students.

I am a married mom of three girls, ages 22, 15 and 14. I'm also a new grandma (a young and hip one if you please) to the coolest little boy in history. We have a dog, a cat and a gecko to keep us occupied at home. You can reach out to me at sunnie1978 at gmail dot com. (**Please note I get a lot of requests for guest posts and while I used to allow them here, I no longer do for various reasons. Thanks for understanding. Future requests for guest posts will not be responded to.**)