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I am so stinkin' excited to show off my 3rd grade classroom for the 2016-2017 school year! I can't honestly remember ever having this much fun setting up a classroom for the new year before. I was even told I should hire myself out as a professional classroom decorator/organizer. I wouldn't go that far but the compliment was nice :)

My room was set up in a very basic way when I came back from summer break. All of the stuff on this table belongs to my 3rd grade partner. She moved up from 1st grade and originally was going to be next door so she put this stuff in our shared bump out space, then got moved down the hall so all of her stuff was just out and had to be moved down the hall.

Very basic setup with the desks. I still have seating for 32 kiddos in my room. Since I hope to never see 30 on my roster ever again, some of those tables had to go! 

The entry door. This year I added some super cute ocean animal clings left over from a former 3rd grade teacher. I wish I'd found these last year! :)

Student mailboxes are along the wall just inside the door. The red pocket chart will hold our 30 in 3rd reading challenge. The small bulletin board will help kiddos track their reading goals. I plan to use the tables for station work as the year goes on.

Brag Tag board. I absolutely love this space in my classroom. Such a fun way to showcase the kiddos' awesome behavior. Underneath is the student supplies cart which has rulers, scissors and manipulatives that the students are able to get up and get as they need them. This is their space, they do not have to ask for permission. 

Curtain that covers the "bump out" space. Our behavior chart is there (it still needs new clothes pins for the kiddos' names).
The window to the "bump out" space. I have two tables back there which eventually will house student laptops. The window allows me to see the kiddos. I also have some cabinets back there and the printer I share with my colleague next door. I decorated with more ocean animals decals I found left over from a former 3rd grade teacher.

This is my student teacher's desk area. Next to her desk against the wall is the 10 drawer cart which holds lined and colored copy paper. On top of the cabinet is my resurrected Teacher Supply Toolbox and our electric hole punch. The bare wall will hold our word wall. 

This is my desk/small group teaching area. Super excited to use this donated (and much smaller!) table so it allows me to have a space but also work with kids without taking up a ton of room. The blue pocket charts will house my Thinking Maps posters once I can find them!

Calendar/Schedule Board. Our hand signals (for bathroom, drink, etc) are above. You can see the fun stools I got at IKEA for the small group table. I love that they stack so when we aren't using them, they can be out of the way. 

Long view of the meeting/carpet area. The bulletin board will house "Fishtastic" Work and you can see our library. My fabulous student teacher helped me sort and organize all of them by series or genre and relabel the baskets. 

I think this is my favorite space this year!  The kiddos' book boxes are housed here and underneath is a cozy little reading nook! I've never had room to have one before so I'm stoked about it. The Husband cut some remnant carpet pieces so I could fit it under there and the kids aren't on the laminate flooring. (The fish hanging in front of the black curtain will be moved to the word wall once I put it up. I think it makes this space too busy.)

A shot of the room from the board area. Each table group has little ocean animals (note the little crab on the table in the right front). There are crabs, seahorses, lobsters and star fish. So stinkin cute!

My fabulous colleague, Mr. W, hung these fish and flower decorations for me. They are super cute and just make the room so fun!


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