Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Well, Hello 2018

Well, Hello 2018 (almost 4 months late). Better late than never, no?

It has been a whirlwind here at The Caffeinated Teacher and blogging has been the absolute LAST thing on my mind. I had way too many things on my plate and trying to update this blog was one of the things I let go of. I needed to breathe, to regroup and to work.

The Good News:
  • I am a dissertation defense shy of being Dr. Caffeinated Teacher :D 
  • Very soon I will walk across a big stage and become cool (at least that's what my third graders told me today)
  • Also very soon, I'll get my life back because I won't be working full time AND going to doctor school full time. I might even be able to see my grandson more than once a month! 
The Bad News:
  • I'm not sure I have it in me to blog here anymore. :(

It has been an IN-SANE year. Holy moly. So much has happened since I last blogged in December. For the first time ever in my career, I had to dismiss a student teacher. Months later, I do not regret the decision but I do feel bad about it. 

I have been absolutely swamped with finishing the data collection for my dissertation study and since mid-February I have been data analyzing and making charts and graphs and making sure I can explain what I did to other people. Whew! It's been a WILD ride but I am 100% ready to get off this train. April 28th I will get to do just that :) 

Next year promises to be absolutely amazing. For the first time EVER in my entire career, I think I will be teaching the same grade for the fourth year in a row! It isn't confirmed at this moment, but I would bet on it if I was a betting gal. We have some changes happening in my school which I think will be amazing and I'm super excited to see where things lead us. I will host a full-year intern from Michigan State University (Go Green!) and I think it will be absolutely amazing for us both. I finally, after many years of feeling lost and restless, have found a boss who is real, genuine, honest, transparent and doesn't BS. It's been amazing and only promises to get better. 

All of that said...I feel like it might be time to put The Caffeinated Teacher to bed. Blogging was such a huge thing a few years ago and I loved it for what it was for me at that time. Now, however, I just don't feel the passion or energy to continue to do it. Being totally honest, I haven't even missed it. At all. In fact, 99% of the time, I haven't even had this blog cross my mind. To me, that may well mean that it's time to hang up this hat and pursue another avenue.

I may continue to write, just not here. I'm not sure yet. I don't feel the connection to this blog that I once did. Partly because I am such a different person than the person who started this blog in 2010. Partly because I feel like once I officially add "Dr." to my name, I need to be more selective with what I put out there and how I put it out there. 

As it stands, no decision has been made at this moment and I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. If I do change platforms, I'll at least leave a note here so anyone who does want to stalk me follow me can make the choice to do so.

I hope, any readers who are out there, that at least 2018 has been treating you well thus far and that you are happy, healthy and prosperous wherever you may be. 


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