Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Happy Holidays

We made it through the craziness that is teaching in December. My intern's last day was December 8 and it was, by far, the worst day we had all of the year so far. The kids were just awful, not listening and being so disrespectful to her and a guest in our room. :| It made me really worried for the last two weeks before break began...but interestingly enough, they were fine. They really mellowed back out once it was just them and me. The last days before break, I was nervous about because they are excited and they aren't interested in learning (and let's be real, most teachers are exhausted and not real interested in teaching either). 

My new school is an elementary on the bottom floor and a middle school on the top floor. Thus we share an auditorium which is super nice to have available. On Thursday, December 21, we had a lot of parent volunteers who watched the kiddos in the auditorium for 90 or so minutes so that the staff could have its annual luncheon. I have never experienced something like this in all of the years I have taught and it was pretty cool. First to know that the kids were all supervised and contained in one area but second to be able to socialize with people I NEVER get to see because we aren't on the same team or schedule. It was really nice. 

Friday went by in a blur (we had a half day). We had art that morning so I really only had my students for about two hours total that day because of lunch and recess too. It was a nice way to end the year with them. 

I have relaxed and relaxed some more since we've been out. Of course with having school right up to the week day before Christmas, things were a little crazy but I finished my wrapping and such on Friday afternoon. The Youngest's birthday is December 20 so we took her out to dinner on Friday and that was the last time I have left my house. The Husband had some errands to run on Saturday so he did all of the holiday food shopping so I didn't have to battle the crowds (I have huge crowd anxiety--I have had panic attacks at hockey games when we have been stuck in a big crowd -- yes, he is a saint). 

We had a beautiful Christmas and I have read several books since we have been on break. It has been absolutely marvelous. Mostly because I know once 2017 goes to bed and we welcome 2018 in, I am going to be insanely busy finishing up my data collection and writing chapters 4 and 5 of my dissertation. Graduation comes in April and I am so ready. 

I do not know where this journey is going to ultimately lead me, but I am hanging on for the ride and grateful to have made it through another year. 


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