Thursday, October 5, 2017

Field Trips

Sometimes it is necessary to take students away from the school building for other educational experiences. Sometimes I hate these experiences because they are so nerve wrecking--I'm always afraid someone will get hurt or lost.

Today the third graders went to Art Prize. This is an annual art exhibit in our town where some of the businesses in the downtown area host pieces of art. It is wicked cool but I have NEVER been down there in all nine years it has occurred. I have huge crowd anxiety and thus I avoid it because I panic around too many strangers. I agreed to go on this trip however, because it was going to be a Thursday morning and hopefully not too awful.

We also had a program at the Public Library first which was really cool. Kevin Kammeraad was there and did a presentation. Super fun and my students realized there is someone even weirder than ME out there haha

After that presentation, we had lunch on the lawn of the library which was really fun. (You definitely learn something new about your students interacting with them away from school!) Then each class split up to walk around and view art. One of my students got sick so we didn't do as much exploring as we may have liked and we definitely avoided one of the main streets because it was SO crowded. But we had a great time. 

I had my students pair up so they each had a buddy and my student teacher was at the end of the line so we could keep everyone together. Two of my girls decided I was like the mama duck and they were like my babies because they were just following me around. 

It reminded me why third graders are so fun. :) 


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