Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Today I moved into my new space! It is seriously the best room I have ever had, hands down, not even a contest. 

I was having a blast putting things together when the custodian popped in...and said "this room hasn't been cleaned yet...all this stuff has to come out still." :| 

See, I could have panicked. I could have died. I could have thrown a hissy fit. (You'll be glad to know that since I am almost *gasp* 39, that I refrained from doing any of those things.)

I TOTALLY FORGOT that my new school houses summer school. And summer school didn't end until last Thursday. So of COURSE my room hadn't been cleaned. I didn't even think about it. The good news is, the custodian is WICKED nice. Seriously, her and I will be BFFs. Not even a lie. She was fabulous. We compromised. She felt bad that there was miscommunication (she said they were told teachers weren't coming until the 21st...hahaha, not this crazy teacher! No way I could wait that long!), so she said if I put stuff on the counters and into my four window sills (which are deep and will hold boxes), they would let me leave my books on the bookcases and just wheel everything out, clean the carpets and put it back.

Okay...that I can handle. Whew!

It was seriously just a bummer because I was having WAY.TOO.MUCH.FUN. setting up that fabulous new space of mine. My teacher table/small group area is going to be EPIC this year. For real. It is going to be awesome. I was so bummed to have to stop working in that space and put things in the cabinets and drawers since I knew they had to pull it all back out. 

I was planning to not go back until next Tuesday but I think I'll pop in on Monday and see if its all done and then can get some work done in there before meeting with my team on Tuesday.


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