Friday, June 16, 2017

New Space

Yesterday I got to pop into my new school and see my new space. All I can say is L-O-V-E. 

The school was renovated between 2007-2009. Some of the old rustic charm has been kept while it has received many modern upgrades. Perfect example...the library used to be an outdoor playground that was in the middle of the school. They put an opaque roof over it and adding flooring and lighting. It is my favorite thing about this school. It is so neat! (Bonus: my classroom is on the perimeter of said library :D)

I can't even say how much I just LOVE this new space I get to spend my days in starting in August. Don't get me wrong, I didn't have a horrible space previously...this is just different. I think, for my purposes, it is different better. One of the things I hated the most about Former School was the shared bump out space. Mostly because it took out room that I could have used for students (especially when I had 30 kids!) and if you have a big mouth like I do, voices carry through that bump out from the other room. One year it was me next to another louder teacher and was kind of a disaster. Neither of us meant to be loud, and it's not like we screamed or anything. We just have voices that really project and it can be a big problem. Or if there is a sub who isn't handling behavior well, it can get super loud and be really distracting and annoying too. By far that was my least favorite thing about Former School. I really came to resent and hate that wasted space.

At any rate, there are also drawbacks to my New School. One is that because of its unique U-shape (which I actually like) there aren't any windows in the hallway area and so it seems dark to me after being in a space where there is a ton of natural light. It's a trade off, I suppose.

Alas, I was able to stop into New School yesterday and get my class list and my Apple devices for the fall (I have some homework to do to become an Apple Teacher). I was able to see my room and check out the school a little better than I did before because there were no kiddos around this time.

This is what you see when you walk into the room. Immediately to the bottom right (so if you're standing here and you looked to the right), you'd see the closet area. Didn't think I needed a picture of that LOL This back space of the room is HUGE and so perfect for the meeting area and circle time in the morning. 

More of the meeting area. LOVE the wall space. Hello anchor charts! Ms. Principal was not sure if this carpet belonged to the room or to the teacher. I'm hoping it stays in here...30 squares means all 25 of my kiddos will have a spot for their little backsides and they are big squares. Plenty of space without drama. AND this space is so big we will be able to have a real circle that isn't all smooshed together. 

The end of the meeting area. You can see the classroom library shelves too. They are blissfully empty and just waiting for me to fill them with all of my fabulous books. I love that I have 3 double sided shelves...believe me, they will all be filled up! You can also see the windows. Natural light here I come :) It's hard to tell but the bottom of the windows are opaque because our room faces the library. 

A longer view of the classroom. I am DEFINITELY not keeping my kiddos in those rows. Not sure how I'm going to rearrange the furniture yet, but it definitely will not include rows of any kind. 

This is standing in the meeting area and looking forward. I love that the teacher left the bulletin boards decorated so I don't have to do it :) You can't see it well but the ELMO is up there along with the kidney table that will be removed so I can use my own awesome table instead with my stools. 

This is immediately to the left of the projector/white board area. The cart on the right holds my class set of iPads. I'm actually thinking this cute little corner would make an excellent classroom library. Or I may make this the "teacher space" since the cabinet is already there. I could move the cabinet against the white wall instead and then have my desk and my student teacher's desk there. We shall see. 

This is the other side of the room across from the windows. The stuff on the top of the shelving will all be gone. She said she'd leave the book tubs but I have my own so I'd prefer they go to someone else who actually needs them. I am not a fan of that flip the card chart but I noticed them in multiple rooms so I will have to ask about that. I much prefer my clip chart where kiddos can clip up for their excellent behavior too. It doesn't mean as much when you're ALWAYS just on green...when you can move up, other kids do pay attention to that and follow suit. Also if you look carefully under the counter you can just see the lap boards. I hope they leave them behind...because that teacher used them for the kiddos to be able to work around the room on their iPads. I LOVE that! 

Isn't this space fabulous? I am totally in love...and very glad only one wall is green because otherwise I think I would die LOL It's just not my favorite color.

I am going to take my well needed and deserved summer break but once August hits...that's it. I'll be in here playing with my new space. I'm super duper excited for this fresh start. 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I too, am in the process of moving to another state and school. Your insights always help me. Have a Happy summer!

    1. Where are you moving to? Do you already have a new position? I'd love to hear more!