Wednesday, May 24, 2017

And 3rd it is!

If you have realized nothing else as a follower of this blog, I hope you have realized nothing in my life is simple. Nothing! Not even moving to a new position.

I applied for and was offered a position as a 4th/5th grade split teacher. And I was ecstatic because 4th is my favorite! Today my new principal asked me if I would consider keeping 3rd grade. It wasn't my first choice but after discussing it with her, I accepted it.

Firstly because I am SO not making waves the second I go to a new school and secondly because her reason for asking me was very valid and she was honest and upfront. I respect that and it won't kill me to keep 3rd grade. I know when I'm totally honest my biggest issue with 3rd grade is that I do not currently have a real team. That will not be the case at my new school so we will make a go of it. Plus she said she was open to considering a looping situation with the person who is moving into 4th. I could be down with that. 

I am excited because even with the grade switch, I'll still get to have my 1:1 technology. The school is beautiful (it was newly renovated in 2009) and in a unique U shape. The library is gorgeous (it used to be an outdoor play space that they covered with an opaque roof and all of the brick is still there). The playground is cool with a soccer area green space, a large cement surface area for four-square and hop scotch and then the equipment area. 

I really like the school because it's unique and fun. Plus lots of windows which I like a lot. Additionally my new principal is awesome. She is already including me in so many things and I'm not even technically part of her staff yet. :) 

Despite the unexpected grade change, it will all work out. I think this move is going to be incredible for me and the smartest thing I've probably ever done. 


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