Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

And 3rd it is!

If you have realized nothing else as a follower of this blog, I hope you have realized nothing in my life is simple. Nothing! Not even moving to a new position.

I applied for and was offered a position as a 4th/5th grade split teacher. And I was ecstatic because 4th is my favorite! Today my new principal asked me if I would consider keeping 3rd grade. It wasn't my first choice but after discussing it with her, I accepted it.

Firstly because I am SO not making waves the second I go to a new school and secondly because her reason for asking me was very valid and she was honest and upfront. I respect that and it won't kill me to keep 3rd grade. I know when I'm totally honest my biggest issue with 3rd grade is that I do not currently have a real team. That will not be the case at my new school so we will make a go of it. Plus she said she was open to considering a looping situation with the person who is moving into 4th. I could be down with that. 

I am excited because even with the grade switch, I'll still get to have my 1:1 technology. The school is beautiful (it was newly renovated in 2009) and in a unique U shape. The library is gorgeous (it used to be an outdoor play space that they covered with an opaque roof and all of the brick is still there). The playground is cool with a soccer area green space, a large cement surface area for four-square and hop scotch and then the equipment area. 

I really like the school because it's unique and fun. Plus lots of windows which I like a lot. Additionally my new principal is awesome. She is already including me in so many things and I'm not even technically part of her staff yet. :) 

Despite the unexpected grade change, it will all work out. I think this move is going to be incredible for me and the smartest thing I've probably ever done. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Next Year Changes

It has been a long month (30 days exactly!) from my interviews to finding out today where and what I will be teaching this fall.

I am beyond excited and pleased to announce that I will be teaching 4th/5th grade again next year but in a new school building. Anyone who knows me knows how much my current school means to me. I went to school there, student taught there and have spent more than half of my career there (7 of my 11 years). Alas, I have been increasingly unhappy and restless and this year I decided to just put my money where my mouth is and see what else is out there.

This 4th/5th position was my first choice and I am honored that the principal felt like I was a good match for her school. I felt such a connection with her during my interview but didn't want to count my chickens until they were hatching so I have been on pins and needles for weeks waiting to officially find out. 

It hasn't been easy to wait. I am not the most patient person in the world as it is. Alas, it's finally out there. It won't be an easy end of the year. First of all, the kids at my school have my heart and they know will be difficult to tell them. It will also be SO WEIRD to pack up my things and know I won't be returning to this particular building again as a classroom teacher (I will be there a few times next year as I am using the site for my dissertation but it won't be the same). 

The positives of the move:
  • I get to go back to my most favorite grade ever: 4th grade
  • I will have 1:1 iPads which is beyond amazing
  • I will have a classroom that does not have any "shared" space (meaning four corners and a door that when it is shut and locked, no one can get in) 

I have already purchased a couple of books to help me make the transition to the 1:1 technology. It is seriously like a dream come true. Oh what I have wanted to do for YEARS that I haven't been able to do because I don't have the technology to make it happen. 

This also means there will be some changes to the blog. I think I am going to try to do a few vlog series as well...especially to showcase the reality of moving out of a school I have spent SO MANY years in. I dunno, we shall see how that goes. 

I do know that much of this summer will be spent either writing the dissertation or working on electronic documents for my new tech enabled classroom. I can't wait to do some blended learning videos and focus on how to really create a student-centered environment where I am more of a facilitator than anything else. It will be an exciting journey and I'm so ready to get started!