Saturday, June 18, 2016

JumpStart Training

Gosh, it is hard to believe it has been a whole week since I left the JumpStart training in Maryland as a new CSP (Candidate Support Provider)! Time flies, huh?

It was a wonderful experience although a very long one.We began Thursday evening from 5-9 pm (!!!), went all day Friday (9-5 pm) and all day Saturday (9-5 pm). It was a ton of information to cram into our brains but it was amazing and I can definitely see how I would have benefited from being able to participate in a JumpStart as a candidate. 

We unpacked each of the academies that new candidates can attend as they go through the process. We networked, we planned and we sketched out some ideas of what we'd like to do here in Michigan. It's only a process for us because our network is emerging and because those of us involved in this are spread all over the state (thus communication is pretty important but not always timely).

I'm so glad I was able to go though. I learned a lot and I definitely know how to support someone else who is going through the process--one of the biggest takeaways I had was to make sure the candidate owns their own journey. I think this is a lesson we sometimes need to remind ourselves of with our students too; it can be so easy to just give the answer but when we require the person to find the answer on their own with minimal help (such as suggesting where they might find the answer), it is going to mean so much more to them in the long run.

It was a bit weird since I am not on the "executive committee" of our network and thus there are things they know that I do not in terms of what is coming down the line. Alas, I think that once the plan for our JumpStart is put into place, things will be better and there will be more open communication. 

Since I got back, I went in to finish my CA-60s and have enjoyed some down time the rest of the week. Can't tell you how nice that has been :) 

Finishing up my current grad class tonight and then a week of freedom. I have so much to do between now and July 24th but I am going to give myself this next week to just relax and enjoy since The Husband is on vacation and I have the week off doctor school as well.

I shall update when I return from Princeton at the end of July. Have a fabulous summer!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The End (almost)

It's unbelievable to me that tomorrow is my last day of school with my students for this year (their last day is Friday). This year was incredibly weird, challenging, exhilarating and fun all rolled into one. I had a super huge class this year and was on my own from mid-December to now with 30 kiddos. That's a ton of kids with no additional support!

We also had a ton of transition this year from a no-show teaching partner in August to a new colleague passing away to some transition within the last six weeks of school. Definitely one for the record books!

Alas, I am heading out a bit early this year to attend JumpStart training in Maryland Thursday evening through Saturday evening. I have so much to do before I say goodbye to my small fries tomorrow at 11:55 am! 

I'm happy to say I'm staying in 3rd grade for next year (unless something wild happens over the summer) and my former student teacher will be teaching with me next year. :) We will have a new partner in our 2/3 split but that person is not yet determined. 

I have an incredibly busy summer coming up along with many things I want and need to do for my own personal well-being too. I'm excited for what's to come but also very ready to kick back and just take things one day at a time as well.

It's very likely this blog will sit and gather some dust this summer (with some updates on this weekend's training and my Princeton trip in July) until I get back into the swing of things for the fall. I have a million ideas running around in my head of what I want and need to do differently next year but some time off to recoup and gather myself together is necessary first.

Until we meet again have a beautiful and safe summer!