Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What a Difference!

Wow! What a difference a year truly makes.

20 students this year. They are nice and sweet. I haven't had to be a cranky person. (Happened that first day last year.) There is so much SPACE in my room with that extra table group not being there! You could do a complicated dance in my room and not run into anything! 😊

We had an amazing first day yesterday. We did tons of procedures and such mixed in with some content. We spent some time talking about Growth Mindset and the kiddos made their brain cars. So stinkin cute! And I made a quick poster to hang them on that simply days "The Power of Yet" which the kids were totally drawn to. They loved the idea that things will be hard sometimes but we just haven't figured it out YET. (They even repeated this to each other today which was music to my ears.)

Today we really dug into some content and I'm starting to see who is stronger where and will be making some changes Friday to help balance our class better in terms of table groups and such.

I will also post updated pictures of our "YET" poster, our new word wall space and the Brag Tags board with the brag tags on it. I really think I have the cutest room this year and I love being in the space with 10 less kiddos!

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