Monday, September 5, 2016

T'was the Night Before the First Day of School

Here we are...the night before the first day of my 11th year in the classroom. (How is that even possible??) I do not think I could accurately express my excitement to begin anew this year. While I never kept it a secret that I was unhappy the last two years, I also didn't go into a ton of detail because it wouldn't have changed anything.

I am so happy to say that I am very excitedly looking forward. We have a new principal (who won me over the second that she said that she didn't think she could be an administrator if she couldn't still teach--she teaches high school students in the summer--because it helps her feel relevant). She is energizing, fun and just gets it. We have been beaten down a long time. I can't imagine her ever saying anything to someone that isn't meant to help them grow. What a change that will be.

I'm also excited for a fresh start with my team. We spent a good four hours last week just going over curriculum and setting the tone for what we plan to do this year together (which hasn't happened for me in two years). I will absolutely hold them to it as well...we have to be there for each other or why bother? 

Mostly, I am excited to move forward with some changes in how I plan to teach my little friends this year. Every year I try to learn and grow and do something to better how my students are learning. This year, of course, our entire school is beginning by holding our kiddos to their spring MAP data. I also like to try to implement new ideas and strategies to make teaching more enjoyable and effective but also to make learning more fun for my students. 

I have successfully implemented things like interactive notebooks, reading challenges and brag tags over the past few years. This year, I am super excited to be transitioning my students to Guided Math. I have read the book about Guided Math (even did a book study here on the blog about it--you can read those posts here), but I've never actually given it a try. I attended a free webinar this summer about it and decided to just jump in with both feet.
I am super excited to get it set up and implemented in the first couple of weeks of school. I will definitely blog about our progress as we move forward.


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