Monday, August 1, 2016

Ahh, August

How is it August 1st?? Seriously.

This is the month when I let my mind wander back to thinking about school. I was quite surprised to learn some friends on Voxer are in school today. With kids. August is too hot to be in school! As much as we might sometimes grumble about being in school until mid-June, I do very much love that I have August to do my thing still. 

That said, I was at school today for a leadership meeting. We are doing a supplemental PD day for our staff before the official start date and we had a planning meeting for it. I am so excited about the meeting. It's all about data. I know some people hate data but I love it. And this system that we are going to try is going to help us to not only better track our data but also to hold ourselves, our students and each other accountable for success. What more could you want?

I don't know about you, but this summer has been incredibly busy. I have a ton of books on my To Read list that I know I won't get through before the 29th when I officially start back. I have two weeks left of my current grad class (which is on religion) and it's been quite an eye-opening class actually. My next course starts my research phase so that should be incredibly interesting as we move into the school year. 

I have not done a darn thing for teaching at all since I got out of school in June. I have been too busy working on other things. Now that it is August, I have to start thinking about it. We are heading down to Orlando, Florida on Saturday the 6th and won't be home until the 16th so a lot of my planning/work won't be happening until the 17th or later. I will officially head to work on the 22nd to get my room setup so much of my work will be done that week (when usually I spread it out over the summer). It should be chaotic at best :) 

Alas, I am quite glad I have had such a busy summer with other things because it has forced me to take some time off from my job and I've done some professional learning, taken some awesome trips and will be all the more fired up to go back to school and get some learning done with my new crop of 3rd graders.

My first official school day is August 31st although we have the special PD on the 29th. Students start on Sept 6. When is your first day?

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  1. How is this possible? I'm sure it was May just yesterday! I don't start back until the 6th Sept. So a while yet yay!