Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer of Success

Okay, I totally stole that title from our summer school program...but teachers are known for begging, borrowing and stealing....right? :) 

Alas, as we wind down this school year (only 10 student days left, 3 of those half days), I can begin to briefly turn my thoughts to my plans for the summer. Recently a long-time volunteer at our school who mentors a student for an hour each week asked me about my summer plans. I kind of chuckled and said "you know, usually I don't do much and this summer will be incredibly busy!"

I am actually starting my summer a tad early because I was invited to travel to Maryland the last two days of school to attend JumpStart training so I can be a National Board Candidate Support Provider. So that will be an incredibly amazing kick off to the summer. One evening and two full days of incredible learning that I can bring back to my district and surrounding districts to really begin a movement toward getting more teachers on board with National Board Certification. 

Much of the rest of June and into mid-July will be working on my chapter for the #EduMatch collaborative e-book. I'm SUPER stoked to be part of this exciting project. I may actually end up co-authoring my chapter since someone else in the group and I were chatting and we have a similar idea but from different angles. Once we actually begin writing, we may decide to collaborate on one chapter instead of each writing our own. It will be so super incredibly fun.

At the end of July, I am headed to Princeton for the Gilder Lehrman seminar on the Thirteen Colonies. I get to pretend to be an Ivy League student for a week, including a stay in the dorm (something I never did as a college student). I'm beyond excited for the workshop and the field trip they are taking us on (that is a mystery!).

I'll be home for a week after that and we're hopping in a car and heading to Florida for a week at Disney World (yes, during the hottest month of the year because we're crazy). I get to spend my birthday with Mickey Mouse :) 

More or less once we get home from that fun'll be time to open up the classroom for the fall! On top of all of that exciting goodness, there is grad school and being a mom and seeing my grandson as often as possible.

I am so excited about it all....especially because most summers we don't really do much aside from heading to our cabin. 


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