Thursday, May 5, 2016

Neon Kwik Stix Review {Giveaway}

At the end of March, I did a review of Kwik Stix here on the blog. Afterward, I was asked if I'd like to try the new neon stix. Yes, please!

It was so much fun to bring both of my sets of Kwik Stix to school and enjoy some fun painting with my students for Fun Friday. I have to tell you that these third graders absolutely marveled at how these things that looked glue sticks were actually paint. The girls loved how fast they dried too. So if you have any budding artists in your life, these are a great buy. They are definitely on my back-to-school supply list for next year :)

{Note: I just found this wicked 96 pack on Amazon which would be awesome as a starter set for your classroom!}

This friend absolutely loved these paints! She was so diligent about using each of the neon colors in  her picture. (I have absolutely no idea what was happening with her multi-colored sky and I don't think she did either but who cares? :) It was cute!)

See what I mean about her sky? hehe I think in the end she just wanted to use all of the colors and this is how she decided to do it. She loved that as soon as she was done with one color, it was dry so she could put her hand down without getting paint on herself (I would imagine her mother appreciated that too!).

This friend used the neons for her clouds and part of her dog (the pink tummy!). Her favorite part of using these paints was "how smooth the paint feels." She said it was so easy to use them because it was just like using a glue stick but "much more colorful" :)

This friend decided to butter me up a little with her message :) She used the neon blue for her house color and used the traditional set for her other colors. I think she would have painted every single inch of that paper if she hadn't been in a hurry to finish her picture to show it to me. 

Aside from the fun the students had with them, I have found a new favorite use for these Kwik Stix in my classroom. In the fall, I purchased an interactive chart set on Teachers Pay Teachers. You print and cut to fit the pieces and can use markers to add some flair and color. As I was preparing a chart for an upcoming project, I decided to use the Kwik Stix instead. It turned out absolutely beautiful.
 I know that once this chart is actually laminated those paints are going to pop and be so fun and colorful which makes this interactive and reusable chart even more fun.

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