Saturday, April 2, 2016

Currently {April 2016} + Giveaway Winner!

Happy April! Can you believe how fast this year is flying by?!

Thank you to those who entered my Kwik Stix giveaway! Christina is the winner :) You will receive an email from Kendal at Pencil Grips, Inc to claim your prize. Congratulations! Please do let me know how you like them :) 

And now onto Currently...the reason many of us maintain our blogs once a month bahahaha

Listening: I do not listen to the radio because I can't stand the chit-chat (which is really ironic for someone who gets paid to talk all day). I get most of my mainstream music from word-of-mouth recommendations. When I was in DC, they were playing Something in the way you move before one of the plenaries and can't help but just want to dance to it. And let's be real, we've all had a boyfriend/girlfriend in our life at some point who was just not good for us but we couldn't stay away from them. I am totally obsessed with this song and sometimes listen to it the entire 20 minute commute to work--it just pumps me up because of the peppy pop beat.

Loving: Our spring break started at 3:34 on Thursday. I love my little guys but they are SO draining sometimes! And since my grandson will be arriving any day now, I am off for three weeks instead of one because I am taking FMLA for two weeks to help The Oldest transition into her role as a new momma. Love!

Thinking: Speaking of that grandson....I can't wait for him to arrive! We thought he was on his way last week as his momma was having lots of contractions but he is a stubborn little one and has not arrived yet. He is due on Monday and we're hoping to meet him sooner rather than later.

Wanting: My house needs a major spring cleaning but I HATE cleaning. Ugh. It is necessary but it is also very tedious and boring. I'd much rather pay someone to do it...but The Husband won't let me. :(

Needing: This current grad class is winding down and I'm SO ready for a break from that too. My brain is overloaded (in a good way) but I need a mental break. I love to learn and could seriously be an academic nerd forever (if someone wanted to pay me lots of money to read books and research stuff, I'd be all over it), but sometimes you just gotta think about nothing.

Whatever:  I am not impressed at all that we're supposed to have a winter storm today....unfortunately it is not an April Fool's joke. *sigh* It seems to always snow at least once over spring break. So I guess as long as it does it over the weekend and then decides to be nice and sunny, I can deal with that. This winter was VERY mild compared to the last two years but I am still more than ready for sun and warmth.


  1. So fun that you get to take some extra time off to go welcome your grandson into the world! That sounds amazing! My mom came and helped me when my son was born too! Such a blessing!! Enjoy your extra time and the new baby!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

    1. Thank you! It's really funny because she wasn't sure she would want the help. I just said, "trust me, you will have no idea how tired you are!" And now that is so close to delivery day, she is practically kissing my feet knowing I'll be there to help :) I never had the extra help (except hubby of course), and I am so glad I get to provide that for her.

  2. Congratulations on your soon to be grandson! And what a special long Easter break you will get!

    Butterflying Through Teaching

  3. There is nothing like a new baby to brighten up everyone's life! Your daughter is lucky to have you so close during this time! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!


  4. Oh I am so jealous! A grand baby would be such a great addition to our family. It will happen someday and we will be just as excited as you are! Have fun this month!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  5. SNOW?? Crazy! Babies are just a gift!! Enjoy!!

  6. WOW! Congratulations! What a great gift to give your daughter! It is super cold and windy here in St. Paul Minnesota too. If it were to precipitate it would snow and that makes me super sad.

    I hope you have a great three weeks!
    Lessons With Coffee 

  7. That's so wonderful that you get to take the extra time off...looking forward to hearing about the grandbaby!