Tuesday, March 15, 2016


What a whirlwind I have been on for the past week. Wow. 

Last Tuesday we had parent-teacher conferences. They were originally scheduled for February 25 and March 1 but due to snow and weather delays, they were moved around. I had a trip planned for the March 10 which was one of our makeup days so I had to scramble trying to fit in families at other times so I could still meet with everyone and then had our long night of conferences on Tuesday. 

Wednesday night I had dinner with a lovely representative from Lexia Core 5 (the winner of our Shark Tank in February). She offered my school a free pilot of the program for one year. That was unexpected and very awesome! She told me that my passion for teaching and learning is contagious and that my eyes become a little bluer and my cheeks a little pinker when I talk about teaching :)

Thursday I flew to Washington DC for the Teaching & Learning Conference sponsored by the National Board. I went two years ago with The Husband after I earned National Board Certification. At the airport, in the shared van for the ride to my hotel, I met a wonderful couple from Los Angeles, the man being retired LAPD. They were fun to chat with and the man reiterated what the Lexia rep told me: that my eyes are brighter and my whole face just comes alive when I talk about what I do :) 

The conference itself was amazing. It is also so inspiring for me to be around so many other NBCTs. It's pretty uncommon on the West Side of Michigan and I'm kind of an anomaly. I just have so many things I want to do to further our profession and I won't stop until I accomplish them. If that means branching out on my own later, so be it. (It will happen eventually, just not sure how long it'll take.) I had an amazing time at the conference and left so inspired (and with a billion new ideas running through my head!).

Yesterday I found out that I was accepted for a summer institute at Princeton University via Gilder Lehrman! For one week at the end of July, I will get to participate in a workshop about the Thirteen Colonies with resources and information to bring back to my students. 

How freaking cool is that?? I am so excited about it, it is ridiculous. It is a highly competitive and selective process and I am absolutely astounded that I got selected. This is just pushing me forward with things I want and need to do to get where I'm going in my career. I feel like I'm on fire right now and just unstoppable.


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