Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kwik Stix Review & Giveaway

Happy almost April! I'm super excited to share a fun product with you that I was asked to review awhile ago.

I will tell you that I am the least artistic person that I know, but working with elementary age students and having a child who is a budding artist, I have learned that sometimes I have to fake my artistic abilities at times. Thus when I was approached about reviewing this product, I knew that even if I couldn't get myself into it, I have plenty of students and my own little artist who would be happy to help me test these babies out.

This fun little box of paints came to us and you can't help but feel happy just looking at the box. How stinkin' adorable is the box??

The size is amazing. Elementary students are all pretty adept at using a glue stick, right? To me, one huge plus with this product is that these paints are the exact size and shape of a glue stick. Perfect for little hands but also not as messy as free painting.

Here is the blue stix opened up after use. You can see that it looks exactly like a glue stick and functions in basically the same way. Perfection!

Have I mentioned I am not an artist? How about some proof? I'll show you if you promise not to laugh *wink*

I made this little not-very-realistic bunny in about 2 minutes. No mess at all and the stix glide on just like using a glue stick. Very smooth and easy. The picture really doesn't do the color justice either--they are very vibrant and bold right out of the box. What elementary artist wouldn't be all over this?

But these products are so versatile...because my 13 year old squealed and jumped up and down when she saw them. Then she promptly stole them and ran into her room (with the requisite slamming of the door as teenagers are wont to do). I did ask her to play with them a bit and make me a picture and this is what she came up with. (Note: she was trying to replicate a painting her dad made over the summer of the ocean.)

I absolutely love and adore how vibrant these colors are. She made me promise to point out this is an "incomplete" picture, but the colors pop out and it catches your eye. As an artist, she gave a huge amount of praise for these stix because they were so easy to use. Her exact words were "I hope you don't want these can't draw anyway." Thanks kiddo! :)

This was the next picture that she made. She continues to praise how fun these stix are because they aren't messy at all. You just paint and it dries fast. This picture really shows how vibrant the colors are since it features two shades of green.

The Kwik Stix are so easy to use! Just uncap and paint. They are small and super portable too, which would be awesome for traveling in the car (road trip!). I can especially see utilizing these stix in my 3rd grade classroom in an art station. There is no worry about the paint spilling and the students simply roll up as the get low. 

I am definitely going to break my own bank stocking up on these for next year! They are absolutely amazing and you have the opportunity to win your own set! Enter the giveaway now. Winner will be announced April 1st!


  1. I would use them in my classroom for art projects.

  2. I would use them in my classroom for artwork and also as an incentive for good behavior. Students would LOVE these!

    Kiara Garcia

  3. These will be great in the classroom as I'm sure they will make less Mess than regular paint. My students and I will love them! - Cristina