Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Currently {March 2016} & Giveaway winners!

Happy March! This means spring (and my grandson!) will be arriving sooner rather than later. Yay!

Listening: I'm in my office and enjoying the quiet whir of the space heater fan. Oddly relaxing.

Loving: I am adoring all of the PLN connections I have made in the last couple of months. They are keeping me sane!

Thinking: I need more hours in my day...I am SO drained when I get home and there is grad work to be done and I'm just blah....if I had 5 more hours in a day, I could take a nap when I got home and still have time to get everything done.

Wanting: I seriously hate's the only thing (aside from over-testing) that I do not like about teaching.

Needing: I am in serious need of a nail fill. These nails are looking whack.

Polling Site: Yep, we are a polling site. Usually we have the day off for polling (or we have PD) but sometimes it occurs during school which is so not awesome.

And last but not least, the winners of the Pencil Grips giveaway are Mary Alison & Holly W :) Congratulations!


  1. Love your blog page. I agree wholeheartedly about grading! Why can't someone come up with an APP for that? LOL Good luck with your graduate work.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post and I love your blog!!!! I can not agree with you more about having more hours during the day! I feel that I never can get done what I set out to during the day. If I had a few more hours a day, I may just get one thing done on my list! LOL!! I agree with you about the PLN Connections. I have made such wonderful relationships with my new PLN connections. I love technology and being able to collaborate with teachers all around the United States!

    Have an awesome week!


  3. OMG! Grading annoys the mess out of me as well! I will be happy when they do away with grading...if they ever do!

    I'm usually drained when I come home as well, but that's probably because sometimes I come home and aimlessly surf the web. LOL

  4. 5 more hours would be wonderful...who am I kidding, I'd find a way to procrastinate during those, too! :)

  5. Oh my word - I'm thinking I'm the "Holly W." that might have won!!!!!! Woo hoo! {Maybe - and it's okay if I'm not - if there's another Holly W. congrats to her! HA!}