Saturday, December 19, 2015

Winter Break (and a break for me)

Whew! We made it to winter break! My goodness, it's so hard to keep young people going the week before a break. I do the best I can to make sure we follow our usual structure as much as possible, but whew....those little people are just massive bundles of energy all month long.

But we made it and no one left injured so that's good ;) We've been very lucky the past two years to have a community partner come in and do a celebration for our school. Last year and this year (despite my change of grades), my class was in the last group and it was a great way to end the day. Plus, I didn't have to go crazy with a big in-class party either so it worked out very well. I keep gifts low-key for my students because a) I don't make enough money to go crazy for 29 students and b) they get so many things from so many places that they don't need a ton from me. 

We read Sideways Stories from Wayside School earlier this year so I bought them the second book Wayside School is Falling Down since they were $1 through Scholastic. One of the girls commented, "I knew you'd buy us books because you love to read!" ;) #truth

The Youngest officially becomes a teenager tomorrow so we will be full of celebration for that. Then I really plan to just hibernate over the break. My brain needs a rest from grad school and teaching. So I will take it. 

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season! See you in 2016!

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  1. Good for you for letting your brain rest! Enjoy your break!