Friday, December 11, 2015

{Five for Friday ~ December 11}

What an amazing week we had this week! I busted out my camera finally and we did a lot of awesome things.
I started my week at the ECET2MI conference in East Lansing. It was a full day event (7 am - 7 pm!) and I had a great time connecting with other teacher leaders. I did not stay until 7 pm as I had not slept the night before and had a 90 minute drive home. But what a wonderful time it was to connect with other like-minded educators and share my why!

On Wednesday we began our new math unit on Fractions. The students participated in a Chalk Talk activity to show me what they already knew about fractions from previous years. This was a silent activity (hard for 3rd graders!). I'll be sharing a more in-depth post on this later.

I got a Donor's Choose grant funded in November and one of the items in our grant were these dry-erase sleeves from Lakeshore Learning. I have had some in the past and I LOVE them. We used them during math to help correct misconceptions the students were having with finding parts within parts for fractions. Love!

 This week for writing the students wrote paragraphs on whether or not it is ever okay to lie. We talked about how sometimes you have to tell white lies such as when your mom asks you if she looks fat, you should say no so you don't hurt her feelings. Some students pointed out that Santa doesn't like liars. *wink* This friend had my laughing out loud with this line because I say it all the time!! They do repeat what we say :)
Sadly today was also the last day for our student teacher. On Tuesday she was out for her last PD at her university and we made this cute tree! I used green stamp ink to dip the kiddos' fingers in to make the leaves and then wrote their names beside it. How adorable! Plus she can keep it forever and ever. :)


  1. Love the reason why you teach...and the tree is too cute!

  2. I LOVE those dry erase sleeves from Lakeshore - great addition to the classroom kitchens!