Sunday, November 1, 2015


Happy November! Gosh this school year is already flying by! We just finished our first marking period and its on to report cards and in a couple of weeks....conferences! Wow. 

Of course, a new month means a new Currently too :)

Listening: Today is Middle Child's 14th birthday! (Seriously a birthday the day after Halloween might be the best birthday ever.) Grandpa gave her some birthday money and this year so did we and we went on a shopping adventure so she could pick out what she wanted (teenagers are so fickle!). She got a new PS4 game and that is what I will likely hear until the goes to bed (or her dad kicks her off the TV lol)

Loving: Don't get me wrong....I love my students. I do. What I don't love is my students hopped up on sugar and unable to pay attention (they have a hard enough time keeping on task without sugar!). So when we got our schedule this year and saw that a) Halloween was on Saturday and b) we don't have students until WEDNESDAY this week, I'm quite positive we all cheered just a little :)

Thinking: I am such a procrastinator. Seriously. I never learn. I do things at the last minute all the time. Once I even bought a coolie that said "If it wasn't for the last minute, I'd never get anything done"....uh, truer words were never spoken! Thus, it should not surprise you that I am flying out of town on Friday and I have nothing prepared....nothing. I don't have my hotel and flight info ready to go or any freaking idea what I'm going to wear at the conference I'm attending. I'm quite sure I'll get to it all...Thursday night around 9:30 lol

Wanting: Oh report cards. The bane of my existence. Seriously. My life would be so much easier if we just did letter grades by content area....but nope, each area has about 2 million (maybe a *slight* exaggeration) correlations that I have to input grades for. It takes fiveever and I'm procrastinating on that too (you are shocked, right?)

Needing: nails are looking like crap. I am lazy and go 3-4 weeks between fills and then they look like crap and I complain about it. But aside from being a procrastinator, I am also a cheapskate so I refuse to go sooner than every 3 weeks. But my nails can not look like hell when I fly away on Friday so it's on my to do list for tomorrow after our PD day.

Yummy: My maternal grandmother passed away 5 years ago today. Yes, on Middle Child's birthday. :( The thing is....every holiday we had as kids, I remember them solely because we went up north to grandma's and she always had her super extra special  yummy fudge. Forget Mackinac Island Fudge....grandma's fudge was the best. And no one can replicate it. They just can't make it the way she did and I miss that (and her of course) so much.


  1. I think we should create an app that does report cards for teachers, with comments and all. We would be rich! I'm sure your nails don't look as bad as mine do. And I understand about holidays being hard. My mom died December 5th almost 16 years ago, so holidays are always hard for me as well. Sending prayers and blessings your way!
    Southern Fried Teachin’

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter! I'm a bit jealous about your students coming back on Wednesday. Mine will be in tomorrow, and at least some of them will have Halloween candy for snack. I procrastinate about coloring my hair. It's sort of silly, but I do it every time. My report cards roll around the first week of December usually. I always dread it! I hope all goes smoothly for you.
    Laughter and Consistency

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to your daughter! I know she's enjoying two days of fun! Do not feel left out about the procrastination because I'm guilty as well! I thought our grades were due last Wednesday and I was at work just trying to get everything in by Tuesday! Found out grades aren't due till tomorrow.

    You'll get it all done though!

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Mine is tomorrow, so growing up I always had parties around a Halloween/carnival/game theme. It was great! Enjoy your two days!


  5. I discovered your blog through Farley's Currently. It is cute! I have the same issue with my nails, but I paint them myself.. when I feel I have the time which is usually summer and special holidays. They were just sparkly black for Halloween. They look so nice when they are done, I don't know why I do not do them more!
    I feel you report card pain. I am knee deep in reading reports!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Enjoy a kid free day tomorrow!

  6. Your blog is adorable!!! I'm with ya on needing my nails done!! Think I'll just have to do them myself tonight!