Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Joys

Goodness, I might be having way too much fun in 3rd grade this year! These friends just crack me up. Even when they aren't being awesome listeners and are being kinda annoying....I just love them.

A couple years ago, a student teacher in our school created a daily check-in sheet that her students did each morning. It has caught on and several teachers now use this. I never did before but decided to try it this year. It's basically just a quick form to see how the kiddos are coming in each day; whether they are sad or happy or whatever.

One from this morning just had me giggling:

 Today I feel sad because I ate a jelly donut and there are no more left. 
Pretty sure we've all had that feeling before! 

We also have a gal from the YMCA who comes and does nutrition lessons for 6 weeks in our classes. I was lucky to be in the first round this year and today was the first lesson. They do some movement, play a game, do some activity around healthy food and then have a yummy snack. Today's snack was apple cars. The kiddos got to "assemble" their car with toothpicks and grapes.

Sadly, this friend had a "flat tire" lol

I have a slew of tutors who pull kiddos out for 1:1 support throughout the week and kids are constantly coming and going. I just roll with it. At recess two of the ladies who had tutored my kids today stopped to chat with me a moment. One asked me if I had taught upstairs last year (my room was on the 3rd floor last year and is now on the 2nd). I confirmed and she said I looked much happier and more relaxed this year.

I FEEL much happier and more relaxed this year too! It's so nice to enjoy my job and be happy at work. What a huge difference it makes. Plus this class just lets me be my silly self and they just laugh. (I'd like to think they are laughing with me instead of at me!)


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