Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Words you can't say in 3rd grade

Oh my gosh....if my class would stop socializing so much, I'd love that. Then again, I wouldn't have so many fun stories about them if they weren't so social! :)

My student teacher has been out the past two days for PD at her university and then her big teacher test today. She has been reading aloud a book to the kids and I wanted to save that for her so I read two picture books while she has been out.

Today we read "Houdini was...." which was written by a 2nd grade class after their class hamster Houdini died. The kids loved the pictures and we spent a little time talking about the difference between a hamster and a guinea pig.

I told the kids, who were sitting at my feet at our carpet, that I thought guinea pigs were gross and smelled like butts. That was a bad idea because they roared with laughter for at least five minutes and I thought one of the girls was going to choke she was laughing so hard. So I said, what haven't you ever heard a teacher say butts? And they died laughing again.

Later we were talking about what to do go fire or code red drills. Each class, of course, has a different evacuation spot. When we have the code red drills, we lock the door and huddle by the counter. We were discussing how important it is to be super quiet. I asked them what they should do if someone farts  (because really that happens invariably when we have those drills and the kids just giggle--we don't want you to giggle during a drill!). Of course the second I said "farts", they all died again.

Goodness. You can't say farts OR butts in 3rd grade because you'll have a class of corpses because the children all died laughing because the teacher said those words!

Oh they amuse me so.


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