Monday, September 7, 2015

T'was the night before back to school....

Okay so it's 3:30 in the afternoon which is hardly "night" but close enough.

How is it already time for the first day of school? This summer was a week longer than we usually have because of Labor Day being so late....and I still wonder where those three months disappeared to.

We didn't do anything fun this weekend at all. Bummer! We have a cabin and a pontoon and we haven't been to or used either since early August. *sigh* I have been so busy with finishing grad classes, meetings, prepping my room and my little vacation to be at the happy place which makes me sad. I honestly have no idea why we have a pontoon since The Husband is lazy on weekends and never wants to take it out. Lame.

So I alternately worked and rested this weekend. We do not have 24/7 access to our schools (which I am vastly grateful for) so I did some final projects at home and should now be all set for tomorrow. I made locker tags, desk tags, word wall words (since my set is for 4th and 5th), finished my brag tag necklaces complete with name tag for each kiddo and laminated, cut out and sorted all of my brag tags. I have 55 different tags and 30 of each one....yes that took up quite a bit of time! But now it's done and I don't have to do anything harder than think about who earned which one each week :) Time consuming and a bit pricey on the front end but I won't have to fill a prize box every month so it's actually way cheaper.

Tomorrow is supposed to rain :( Mother Nature should be nicer on the first day of school! I have a backup recess plan ready....and it won't hurt to teach indoor recess procedures literally from day one, right? I like to do a mixture of actual teaching with my procedures as I think it solidifies things for the students when they get to practice the procedures in context.

It will be very interesting if all 29 of my kiddos show since we have some classes with only 18! As long as they don't expect me to try to work a miracle with more than 30 in my class, I'm good. The issue with having only 2 classes at the grade and starting with high numbers is that it can get over crowded if new families come in. In my experience they don't balance classes out until count day a month into the year and that just throws everything off because you lose and/or gain new students and it's like starting over a month into the year (it has happened to me in some way all 5 years I have been at this school). It's difficult for everyone and I'm crossing my fingers I avoid it this year.

Thankfully this week is slim on my after school obligations....last week was crazy and next week will be also. But after a few days back into a routine, I should be fine with that craziness.

It may take me 2000 trips from my car to my classroom tomorrow as I bring all of my projects in plus Apollo the gecko is coming back to school tomorrow too. I just need 8 extra pairs of hands to make it all in one trip (hopefully not in rain!) :)

Happy First Day for those going back this week (seems like most people are back already).


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