Saturday, September 12, 2015

I love 3rd grade!

I am seriously so, so happy I made the switch to 3rd grade! It's only been a few days but I am loving this year so far. Considering that things were so rough last year due to minimal collaboration, I so needed a good group and a good partner.

I have a couple of students who were challenging last year. However, I have set my classroom up very positively and I think that is making a huge difference. I don't focus on the little off task behaviors (and there are few fortunately), but instead really praise the kids who are listening and following along. It's been so great so far.

One of my little guys did so awesome yesterday that he clipped up so many times I had to wear his clip because there was no where else for it to go :) He also got a positive office referral and I found out it was the first one of the year for any students :) :)

Plus, I have a partner teacher now. She was in middle school and actually used to teach at my school when it first opened. It's been a few years since she had elementary and she admitted she's a little out of practice with teaching all subjects but that's fine! She's willing to collaborate which was music to my ears. We stayed late yesterday (on a FRIDAY!) and I helped her get some things in order. It was so worth it! We get along well and it should be a match made in Heaven :)

The big bummer is I didn't take a single picture all week! Ack! Usually I just use my phone but I'm going to try to remember to bring my actual camera and get some shots this week.

I'm really glad Mr. Principal asked me to switch to 3rd because it's perfect. They want me to be happy with them and they aren't all snotty yet ;) Yesterday several kiddos were sad when I told them I wouldn't see them the next day because it was Saturday. Is that a teacher's dream come true or what?


  1. Oh, Raye, I'm so glad you like third grade. And having a good partner teacher makes things SO much easier. YAY for you!
    I am wishing you a wonderful year...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Third grade is the best! I spend 9 happy years teaching third.