Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Daily 4 Day 1

Yesterday was our first day actually putting our hard work to the test and having our full rotation schedule and small groups meet.

Considering I had just settled my first group in and we had a fire drill (!!) AND my projector actually blew up (so loud I thought someone had popped a balloon in class!), it went pretty well. The projector breaking means it'll be a little harder for me to do part of the mini lessons (as I rely on technology for some of them) but the kids rolled with it. Yay for them and for solid procedures.

I only had to remind one student during rotations of the stamina building we had done. The other friends did an awesome job. :) I did discover, however, that there is just no way we can take the time during group to do the first part of the notebook. It just takes up too much valuable time. So I am going to find 10 minutes somewhere on Friday for us to do them all at the same time like we did before. That way it's done and kiddos and I can get right to work when we are at the table together.

I'm very pleased that I stuck with this routine because it went well better than I could have hoped for on our first day of rotations. (Especially refreshing since it's a full moon and my kids WEREN'T insane. Hopefully I did not just jinx myself!)

With a couple tweaks to my plan, this is going to work out very well, I think.


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