Friday, August 14, 2015

The Final Countdown

Did that Europe song just pop into your head?? :)

It's unbelievable that summer is winding down. I know some people are already back in school with students (crazy!). I am heading into my classroom on Monday. I'm quite nervous that my things didn't get moved to my new room and that I'm going to be spending the time doing that when I could be doing a million other things.

I found out this week our Open House is September 2nd....and since I am on vacation the 24th-27th and not going anywhere near school (as I'll be out of town!), and the 28th-1st are full of meetings and I have appointments after those meetings....I'm starting to feel a little bit of a time crunch! lol 

I finally decided that I needed to just prioritize what I absolutely must accomplish on Monday so that I can spend Thursday and Friday (Tuesday and Wednesday I have leadership cohort meetings all day across town) in there getting done what needs to be done without feeling panicked or like I'm not going to get things done. This is also a great reminder that my room does not need to be 100% finished for Open House. Yes, I'd like it to look inviting and welcoming but I'm not going to go overboard...I also decided I'm not going to change my theme and have to reprint and create everything. There is no time for it and the kids aren't going to care in the slightest!

Priorities! What MUST be done? What can I let go of? That's where my train of thought it.

My plan of attack for Monday:
1) Make sure all of my materials got moved (cross your fingers they did because I labeled everything with a kind note to please move them to my new old room...because it was mine once before!).
2) If they didn't get moved already, NO GRUMBLES, just smile, roll up your sleeves and get it done
3) Make sure all of the former teacher's things are out of that room. If they aren't, keep them in the bump out so as to not mix them with my stuff
4) Locate and sort all of the 3rd grade Reading Street and Everyday Math materials that should be located in the two 3rd grade rooms (but some are likely floating around other places)
5) Arrange the classroom furniture

That is honestly all I really hope to accomplish on Monday. If my things were already moved, it'll be MUCH better because it won't take as long. But since we are going from 2 1/2 to 2 third grade rooms....I need to find the materials from the other 3rd grade room so that my new partner and I have them with us. I have 27 kids on my roster right now so we need all the materials between us so if we need extras, we aren't hunting for them later.

If I can accomplish those things and get my furniture arranged, I will leave Monday feeling super productive. Unpacking is not going to be too bad because I was pretty systematic when I packed up. I labeled my boxes of materials so that I'm not too worried about. I don't plan to bring anything in with me (the supplies I bought, etc) until Thursday. That will take some pressure off of me to feel like I don't have to fuss with moving all of that stuff in while organizing everything else.

I have set up a room in a day when I've had to but I'd much prefer to be able to take a little more time and be a bit more intentional with how I'm setting things up. That is why I am focusing on the furniture arrangement once I know my materials are set. I need to ensure space for my non-negotiables this year: spare desk for my student teacher, u-shaped small group table, front of the room whole group meeting carpet area and my big library. It needs to be functional but also look inviting. 

I really am the most nervous about my things possibly not having been moved because it will take up a lot of time if I have to move them myself. Alas, I can't do anything about it if they aren't moved so I'm just going to cross my fingers that they were moved and hope for the best! :)


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