Sunday, August 30, 2015

I might be cursed...


As you may recall, I was vastly nervous about who my 3rd grade partner would be because my former one quit since she's having a baby. I found out my partner was my former reading coach from another school and things were lovely again.

But on Friday I went to our first staff day to discover that this person took a medical leave....and no one knew. :( So there have been some "oh crap" moments as we try to find someone to cover this room. I'm quite anxious about it because I have a ton on my plate this year: PBIS committee, WIDA and M-Step coordinator, teaching a grade I have never taught before (so I am not familiar with the curriculum at all), hosting a student teacher, being part of the leadership cohort, four Doctoral classes between now and the end of April, plus being a momma and a wife (and soon-to-be a grandma!). 

Unfortunately, last year when my teammate retired, we did not have a lot of consistency for those kids. I worry about that happening again. I know it isn't my problem....however, I would be a total jerk and a terrible person if I was like "oh well, they aren't my kids! Sorry about your life!" Because I do care about those kids...and my 2nd grade colleague is sick to her stomach because these are her babies!

I just have to laugh about it...because it seems like whatever ills are occurring happen in whatever grade level I happen to be a part of! Seriously. I have not had a totally "normal" year in all of the years I have been at my school. 

Then I realize that this is probably God showing me where I am most needed. Remember the Grade Level Shuffle from two years ago?? I ended up back at my school because those kids needed me...and when I'm being entirely honest, I need them too. They give so much to my life. Because I was in their shoes once. There is just something powerful about being able to say "Friends, I was totally you before, I know where you are and look where *I* am can do anything!"

I may need to find a voodoo witch doctor to lift off my curse though! *wink* Fortunately we have some candidates that we think may be able to help us out. I just want consistency for ALL of the kids at my grade level. They deserve the best opportunities and it is hard to get that when you have an inconsistent teacher for months on end.


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