Friday, August 21, 2015

Classroom Setup {Part 2 - The Reveal!}


I love spending quiet time in my classroom preparing for a new school year but holy cow. I am WIPED. I spent a good portion of time at school this week getting things ready so I can enjoy my Mystery Vacation next week and not be panicking about all of the stuff I need to do at school.

Yesterday I was there from 9:30-5:30! Today I was there from about 9:30-2, but when I left, all of the super major big stuff is done. I still need to get my Word Wall set up and I have to get my new theme pieces printed out but those are minor things I can do at home and get set up just before Open House when my student teacher is there to help me :) 

Aside from lesson planning (I don't have a final schedule yet), I'm pretty much good to go :) It's SUCH a relief. I spent way too many hours cleaning out other people's things that they left behind but it's all clean, organized and functional now.

Before (everything was moved in and placed mostly along the perimeter of the room)

After :)
Our adventure begins at the door and goes counter-clockwise around the room

The entry door. It's a little hard to see but the pocket chart is a "Where Are We?" sign.

Immediately inside the door is our Homework Hot Spot. This is where kiddos turn in their homework each day (so I can see at a quick glance who didn't turn it in!) and I put their homework here for them to take home each night.Our STAR Behavior expectations poster also hangs here (mostly so we can review our STAR Behavior before we go into the hallway!)

Our classroom library. The cart on the right has all of my own personal books. The other one is school-provided books. Genre posters are hanging there on the door (which connects to the other class which I will never, ever use). The blue pocket chart will hold our 100 Book Challenge one kiddos have started school.

Two dinosaur computers (but they work so I'm not complaining!). Above that, the blue bulletin board will house our Brag Tags which I am trying as incentives this year instead of a prize box.

My handy frog curtain hides the bump out space that connects my room with my neighbor. (Our shared printer, bookshelves and other things are stored back here--I totally cleaned it and it's organized and beautiful....I should have taken a picture because it was a mess when I got there!)

Meeting area. We will have all of our Daily 5 mini-lessons from here. You can see my box of froggy friends underneath the chart stand :) 

That huge blank wall will be the Word Wall. The reason that isn't done is because I've never had 3rd and thus don't have the 3rd grade set! lol So I will make my own and get that started before Open House. 
 The yucky window got a makeover :) I decided to make it a functional space where I could still cover most of the gross looking glass but not have to keep the shade shut. This was a perfect solution! The ledge holds all of my most-needed teacher stuff.

 I was SO glad my cabinet fit here! Now everything is within reach :) My weekly plans will be on the top of the cabinet in those buckets. The drawer organizer houses lined paper, colored printer paper and sheet protectors since I use them for lots of things!

 This is on the other side of the whiteboard (didn't bother to take a picture of that!). The calendar and schedule will be on the bulletin board. You can also see my CRAFT board (didn't think about the blue background and "T" being blue until I had already put it up and I wasn't gonna change it! lol) which is right in front of the small group table. The cart under the bulletin board has things the kids are allowed to get whenever they need them (scissors, rulers, math manips, etc).

 The counter area. SO clean and neat! :) It was such a mess before I didn't know if I would ever get it all cleaned haha
On the far left, where that black crate is sitting will be where I put Apollo the gecko when he comes to school with me :) 

 View from the whiteboard of the students' desks. I had originally tried a modified Double E but it wasn't working for me so I decided to go with this model since it still allows for partner and small group work but takes up much less room.

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