Monday, August 10, 2015

Birthday Pampering

We had my birthday celebration last night so that The Husband didn't have to fuss trying to come home and get everything ready after a long day at work....especially since I'm spending a good portion of my day pampering myself. Seemed only fair to let him off the hook a bit :) 

For several months he has watched me squint my little eyes at my computer screen while working on graduate work since I have a tendency to have multiple Word documents and/or pdf files open as I'm citing evidence for my weekly papers. I bought an HP 18 last fall with some Thirty-One commission that I earned and the screen is a good size...but not really when you're trying to read multiple things that are all squeezed onto the same monitor.

So he got me a UGA to USB adapter and a 2nd monitor for my desk :) I was always unsure if this is what I wanted because I have a roll-top secretary...and I didn't think a 2nd monitor would fit. And of course, to him bigger is better so....He may have gone slightly overboard with the size of the monitor LOL

The bubble bee screen is the 2nd monitor....note how it totally dwarfs the actual computer! lol

As funny as it probably looks sitting on my desk....I don't care! This something I always thought I wouldn't want but now that I have it, I'm in love! It'll be so, so nice not to have to squint to read the multiple documents I have open when I'm trying to write my big papers and need to reference 9000 sources.

He also got me a pack of Sharpie markers. He said that it just wouldn't be right to NOT buy me some kind of writing utencil for my birthday :) I have trained him well! 

This of course means that within the next year, the secretary is probably going to be given to Jeff and I'm going to get one without the top part....because this desk is so not meant for these big computers/monitors. Oh well, it will serve its purpose for now even if it looks kind of funny :) 

I also decided to pamper myself like crazy today: mani/pedi earlier and in just a bit I'm leaving to get a fabulous one hour massage. Birthdays done right :)

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  1. What a genius idea! I must do this too. How am I going to get a monitor on my couch with me though since I like to lay on my laptop? I wonder if I could some how use my TV as a 2nd monitor? I need to check into this! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'