Sunday, August 2, 2015

August Currently

Good gravy how is it August?? Time flies right??? I can't believe how many bloggers are just about to go back to school. My first official day is August 28 although I do have four days of training/meetings before that for things I volunteered to do this year. We are allowed into our schools August 17 and I will be there to make sure all of my junk got moved to my new old room.

Alas, August means currently time!

Listening: I have a small desk fan in my office and it's gentle whir is actually quite soothing!

Loving: That I still have an entire month before I actually have to set foot in my school! Obviously I will be in before that but I have two more weeks before I can even get access so I shall enjoy it!

Thinking: My grade level partner decided to quit to be a stay at home mom (she's due with her first in October) so I have no idea who I am teaming with this year and it is causing me some anxiety due to what my so-called team looked like last year.

Wanting: A mani/pedi. My feet seriously need some pampering!

Needing: A homework fairy to come and do my grad work today. I'm just not into it!

B2S RAK: I like to provide a small back to school treat for my grade level but I think this year I may do small treats for the entire staff on the first day :) 


  1. I am in serious need of a mani/pedi too! Our b2s night is Tuesday night, so I'm planning a "spa" visit tomorrow after our inservice day! I'll be thinking how jealous I am of you tomorrow... while I'm sitting in meetings!! ;)

    1. Don't be too jealous...our district is switching data systems over to Synergy and I am the designee for my school. Thus tomorrow and Tuesday I will also be in meetings (from 8-5 ick!). :)

  2. Well (hugs) to anyone else in grad school lol I'm so ready to be finished! And I could use a mani/ pedi as well but I dunno if I'll end up squeezing it in. Glad that you still have most of August to try to relax!

  3. I also have a few weeks before I can get into my room. The anticipation of the new school year is killing me, but I'm also trying to savor these simple days!

  4. I love your blog name! I'm on my 2nd Diet Coke of the day myself :)

  5. I love your blog name! I'm a Diet Coke addict too!

    Great ideas as social committee to do little treats. I'm on mine as well and will suggest that - nice way to start back!

    Team J's Second Grade Fun