Monday, August 17, 2015

2015-2016 Classroom Setup {Part 1}

Man, I am wiped! After taking The Youngest to her doctor appointment this morning, we had a chance to get into my classroom. I mentioned before I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure if my things actually got moved. I'm happy to say that except for a couple of things that were not labeled well on my end, EVERYTHING got moved :) That saved me about a bazillion years.

I can't access my cabinet yet because I locked it (so it wouldn't fly open during the move!) and we haven't had our keys delivered back to our school yet. But I purged so much stuff last spring when I cleaned that I'm not too worried about it. I just hope the stuff that is in there isn't all helter skelter after being moved down a floor ;)

There is something seriously funky going on with the window in my room too. Apparently there was a split or crack in the double pane and a cloudy weird foggy mess is hanging out between the two panes. It's not something I can clean and it looks horrible. Hopefully they can replace it because one reason I was so excited to go back to this room is it is on the side of the school that doesn't get the sun all day so I can leave the window shade open....but I am not going to leave it open to look at that ugliness LOL

 See?! Ewww!

So yeah....hoping they can fix it. Because I really don't want to keep the shade down all the time! That was one thing I hated about my room the last two years; it was on the other side of the building and we had direct sun shining in all day and had to keep the shade closed so we could use the ELMO on the projector. When I had this room before, we could leave the shade up and see daylight and it was so awesome...but no one wants to look at this. It looks so icky! 

Aside from that gross-ness, I did get quite a bit accomplished. The third grade materials were easy to locate and I helped another teacher move some center materials into a spot in the library where everyone on our floor could access them if they wanted to use them. Some grabbing of materials that got left behind and then it was on to sorting and moving.

The last teacher left a lot of stuff in this room not labeled or anything so I have no idea if she wants it or not. I'm going to clean it all up and get it organized because I don't do messy and cluttered! Not at all. If she hasn't claimed it by next Friday, out it goes! 

The Youngest and I got the desks moved into a modified Double E (because it has an extra leg and is shorter on the long side) to accommodate 28 kids. I really hope I don't have more than that because if I do, I'm gonna have to rethink the desks. I was going to put the small group table up in the front but there wasn't as much room as I would have liked for movement around the student's desks so that had to be moved around. I spent at least 75-90 minutes just moving furniture and layouts to make sure everything went in a way that I can live with. As it stands, I still may have to move the desks over slightly so I have a little more space for my small group table. 

I'm adamant about having a whole group carpet area so that was a non-negotiable for me. I may nix the U-Shaped tabled and use two student tables in an L-shape instead. It would take up less room overall and I could actually be closer to the kids as we work together. (I dislike our U tables because they are way wider than they need to be and thus I feel like they take up way too much room.) 

Overall I feel like I got quite a lot accomplished and that feels awesome! I will pop back in on Wednesday afternoon since my meeting only goes until 2 that day. I can spent about 90 minutes in my classroom before I need to leave for the chiro. I can at least begin to sort out and organize what was left in there and the 3rd grade curriculum materials so I know what I've got.


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