Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The {New} Erin Condren Teacher Stuff!

Oh my goodness gracious.

So, in May during Teacher Appreciation, I took full advantage of the sale at to purchase my super fun and awesome teacher planner for next year.

 How can you not LOVE this Sea Horse? Seriously??

I also shared a few things I did to some of the inside pages such as this one where I created a "Pins" and "Projects" space on the extra notes pages for each month and also added a "Reflections" section at the bottom to help me stay positive and look toward the future.

And this fun hack where you mark the end of the lesson plan pages to help you keep track of the marking period (super useful if you have standards you need to make sure you get a couple more assessments in for before report cards -- plus who doesn't love those super fun purple washis??)

And my super hack for utilizing the Absentee Log that I knew I would never in a trazillion years ever use. (And I am just amazed that this little video has almost 600 views on it!)

So with all of this fabulousness that I have already done, you'd think that I couldn't handle anymore, right??

WRONG! :) 

I'm minding my own business one day and BAM! I get an email from telling me the NEW teacher planners are, awesome, yay. I already have one so no big deal, right??


Oh my gracious. Check this OUT.


I want it all! All of it. Now, yesterday, two weeks ago! Wow. Good stuff. 

Even though I totally have my planner already, I am SO getting some of the new stuff. It is just too fabulous for words.

What're you waiting for?? YOU can get 25% off through July 19 (that's Sunday!) using the code TEACH25 at checkout. But you can also save $10 on your first purchase by following this referral link. You will LOVE your purchase, I promise you. I was so skeptical the first year I bought one but I was wow'd, big time. I know you will be too :)

{Edited to add: Since I'm a self-professed geek....I did the math. If you only got the Teacher Planner, you'd save just under $15 on it with the coupon the $10 referral credit. So not including shipping, your planner goes from $59 at base price to just over $34. That's not bad at all!}

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  1. I finally ordered my planner! Should be arriving soon!