Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently {July 2015}

How is it JULY?? Where did June go? Seriously. My mom told me once when I was younger that the days/years would just fly by the older that I got. I thought she was crazy....but it's so true! Of course, if you really consider how our entire lives are just a blink in the universe, it also puts things into perspective. 

Listening: The youngest is bashing monsters (or creepers or whatever they are called) in Minecraft and I keep hearing them screech as they die. (Nice, right? lol)

Loving: I AM loving being on summer break. No worries, no cares, just being. It's amazing.

Thinking: You's now July. That means I'd like some summer weather (you listening Mother Nature?). We've had a few hot days here in June but not much. Almost every weekend this summer so far as been cold and/or rainy. We want to go to the beach already! So warm up, would ya? :)

Wanting: My teaching partner in 3rd grade quit last week. She is due with her first baby in October and I long suspected that she would not come back. Due to the awful transition I had this past year, I really want my district to hire my former student teacher into that job....her and I would kick 3rd grade's butt together. I need someone I can teach with who isn't going to leave me hanging.

Needing: My new grad class started this week and I've got some homework I need to finish up if I want to be able to enjoy my holiday weekend! 

All Star: People always come to me with their problems or issues, usually just to vent, not because they want me to fix it. I just listen and let them get it out because we all need to do that sometimes. If they want my advice, I give it but usually I just listen and affirm their feelings. It's amazing how far that takes you in life. 


  1. I love summer. We've had an unusually hot June, so I'll be interested to see what July is like. I hope you get to work with your student teacher again!

  2. Hey Raye! I am excited to come across your blog as part of Farley's Currently post this month! I am taking grad classes this summer too! I can totally relate to having homework that need to get done! I have a 15 page paper that is due in a few weeks and my second class starts Monday. Need to get on it! I am such a procrastinator though!! Well enjoy your summer and if you get a chance, drop by my blog. Thanks!

  3. I am so glad I came across another great third grade blog thanks to Farley! I can't wait to look around your blog some more. I hope you get some great summer days in July! Good luck with that grad class, too. I hope your July is wonderful!

    Becky from

    1. It'll definitely be a learning curve for me with 3rd grade since I've never taught it before. I have had 2nd though so I know where they are coming from and the vast majority of my experience has been with 4th grade so I am very well aware of what I wish my former students had come to 4th grade knowing -- my goal is to make sure I hit some of those weaker spots. It'll be an interesting year to be sure.

  4. I LOVE your blog!! It is SUPER cute!! I'm sorry your partner teacher just quit! Hopefully they listen to you and your student teacher can be hired!! I would have loved to work on my 3rd grade team when I student taught!! Good luck with your homework too!! Enjoy your 4th!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

    1. Hi there! I'm really not sad that she quit to be honest. I knew she would be miserable working while her baby was in daycare. It's much better that she quit over the summer than after having the baby so that we can have one steady teacher in that class all year. :) I've never taught 3rd but have had 2nd and 4th so I feel like if they can get someone in there with me who is solid (like my ST), we would really rock the house :)

  5. Your blog is just too cute!! Love it! It's been rainy here in Kentucky this week. Not cold but not hot either. So pretty much hasn't been pool weather which is not good when you have a 9 and 6 year old running around. Good luck with your homework!

    The Busy Busy Hive