Thursday, July 23, 2015

Birthday Nefariousness

Yes I did just make up the word nefariousness. Today is my hunny's 44th birthday. Last week while driving around with the girls we passed his work and Middle Child said "oh there's dad's car" and I got the idea that for his birthday, we needed to do something silly. Like decorate his car with birthday stuff  (he works for AT&T and just parks at the garage and then is out in the field all day).

So today we blew up some balloons and headed over there. I'm astounded no one came out of the building and asked us what the heck we were doing ;) He told me when he got home that a coworker had text him around 2 pm and said "someone really likes you....or not" and he was wondering what my dastardly plan was.

Here's the inside of his car....full of balloons! We also put paper streamers on the windows. On the windshield is a huge banner that says "Happy Birthday" 

Fortunately he has a sense of humor and thought it was funny ;) 

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