Sunday, June 7, 2015

Yay Summer!

Woo hoo! Officially on summer vacation. Yes, I did do the creepiest of happy dances outside of school on Friday when we dismissed students. I heard a couple of my kids say, "well, she did say she was gonna..." while shaking their heads and walking away. Haha!

I am SO thrilled to be on vacation now! Left school on Friday after some quick goodbye and hugs, packed a bag at home and hightailed it to the happiest place on Earth -- my cabin. We have some new neighbors who are...interesting. And an old neighbor who got a new dog that they just leave outside to bark and bark. Rude. Alas, I will not let them ruin my happy place. No way, Jose.

I read a whole book yesterday. For fun! Because I could! And I revised and resubmitted my big comprehensive paper for my doctoral program this morning. Productivity with a mix of lazy relaxation? Yes, please!

Believe it for not, my mind IS thinking about next year already. I have tons of pins to sort through and new TPT items to purchase for my new class. As I browse and find ideas, I am adding them to my boards on Pinterest. Probably will need to bust out the Erin Condren and begin to make lists of all of the stuff that I want to make sure I do with my class next year.

It's always amusing how we can't wait for summer but we spend most of our summer finding new ideas or planning ;) Last summer I didn't do any because I wasn't changing grades...but this year since it is a grade I have not had since I was a TA in 2005 (eep!), I will probably spend a good portion of this summer planning and scoping out what I want to do and how I want to do it. We are supposed to take a day in August to collaborate with our grade level team but since I have so many days already booked for other stuff (PD and a new grant I'm part of), I'm not sure how I'm going to fit that in before school also. Oh well. Not going to worry about that now....I'm just going to pin my heart out, read some books, relax and work on my grad stuff.

No need to rush or worry. It'll all come together eventually.


  1. I am jealous that you are off already - I have six more days (five if I can bust butt and get my classroom ready in time). Enjoy the cabin time and the R&R. Sleep late and read a book for me! :-)

  2. The dog barking-ugh. Serious pet peeve of mine.

    I have two more days with kids but I may have to stay home tomorrow because my daughter had a fever all day today. ::sigh:: I need all the time I can get to pack up my room.