Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How Summer is Done

Oh my gracious, I L-O-V-E summer! Especially THIS summer since it was a long time coming. It's only been three days and I am already having the time of my life. Yay summer!

Middle Child, as you well know if you have read this blog for any length of time, is the kid who got it all: dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, Asperger's, IBS, depression. Yeah...not a laugh a minute AND she is the middle child which is bad enough, right?? In March we found a youth group for teens who are on the spectrum called Puzzle Partners. This group has been a life saver to help her better socialize with other teens who are just like her and are not associated with her school at all. Every other week there is an activity or outing and it's pretty fun. Sometimes it's just a game night where they get together and play but other times it's an event: movie/mall night, trampoline park, etc.

Well this week we met on Monday (usually it is Tuesday) for a baseball game. Since it's a big event, the whole family could go and we did (except The Oldest because she has her own car now and thus avoids us like the plague lol). The funniest part of this outing was that I ran into the PE teacher from my school there and he ended up being 3 rows below us at the game. How funny!

We had a great time at the game even though our team lost and one of the organizers gave all the kids in our group a ball that was used in the game.

The Youngest, Middle Child and Me

I even got the Mister to agree to a selfie (let's agree to ignore my crazy colored hair, ok? lol)
15 years ago today this handsome man came into my life ♥

Speaking of that crazy was SO not working for me. I am a blond naturally but have had my hair dark for the last 3 years and it was red before that. I'm sick of the upkeep though (coloring and recoloring) so it was growing out and it looked like that....not flattering or fun. So I had to fix that too. To make the transition easier on my hair, we did highlights to ease me back to my blond status and it's so cute and fun and summery!

Fun summer hair! And my eyes look SO blue!
(Ignore the snarky grin on my face haha)

My stress level has pretty much become non-existent since I walked out the door of school on Friday afternoon. There are some big transitions possibly coming up in our household this summer but I am refusing to stress on them. I had enough stress on a daily basis all year -- I refuse to be stressed now. God will take care of us, He always has. But just in case, say a quick prayer that things don't get too crazy, would you?

I am reading like a fiend this summer too...I usually read quite a bit during the school year also but as a doctoral candidate who is just about to finish Phase 1 (whoa!), my reading time during the year is usually reserved for class readings. Thus, I have some catching up to do!

I have already read Wonder (loved it!) and am now reading The Lightning Thief (I know, I am so behind, right?). I have a hold on another ebook through the library too. It's YA fiction. (You know, I'm gonna be 37 this summer -- YIKES! -- but I love children's and YA literature almost more than I like adult fiction....)

Of course there are some teacher books on the agenda too. I need to reread Whole Brain Teaching and Number Sense Routines (especially important since I'm going down to 3rd for the first time) and the updated Daily Five. I'm sure I will pick up a bunch of other books along the way too. I have so many in my queue in my Kindle it's not funny.

Happy lazy summer days everyone!


  1. Pictures of you! Are you taking classes this summer or do you get the summer off? I am so excited that it's summer but I have SO MUCH prep for my college courses I know I won't be able to relax until they are over and done with and I have submitted that means the end of July.... At least August will be stress free!

    1. No summer off from grad school for me. I will get a partial week off between classes at the end of this month and we get a break in August (which is a week but will really be two for me since I always submit my last assignments -- which are reflections -- earlier than necessary so I can have a few more days off), but otherwise, I'm moving along with it. My current class will be done on June 24 and my next one still start the 28th and go until August 19 so not much of a break really :)