Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Currently June

Wow....June has finally arrived! Yay! It's our last week of school and I'm very ready to put this year to bed already. Three 1/2 days left and I'm outtie (bonus for you if you know what movie that's from)! :)

I didn't even think about how it was time for a Currently....must be because The Oldest turned the big 2-0 yesterday (ack!) and I've been busy writing 10 page papers for class and trying to pack up my classroom to move to 3rd grade! :) 

Listening: As seems usual with my Currentlys...I'm listening to whatever it on in the next room. (It's a show I despise....I won't even name it because it is vulgar and I can't believe my husband watches this drivel.)

Loving: Absolutely thrilled to be (finally) on our last week. It's been a difficult year and I'm looking forward to moving forward. 

Thinking: Obviously I am no stranger to moving around (Grade Level Shuffle anyone?) BUT it's always so much work to pack up a room anyway...it's even moreso when you're moving rooms because you can't just throw stuff in closets and sort it out in the fall. The good news is, the summer of that Grade Level Shuffle, when I came back to my school, I only brought in things I knew I would be using -- so I have a lot less stuff to pack up and move around than I did before.

Wanting: It to be Friday (for obvious reasons!) :)

Needing: It to be Friday (do you notice a pattern here? LOL)

Summer Lovin: I am so darn light skinned that I don't tan, ever. I burn. Even with 2 million SPF I would burn...because I'm cool like that. I burn, then I freckle. Must be the Irish in me. I LOVE summer because I get to spend time at "Johnny" which is our cabin...it's peaceful and quiet and no demands are upon me when I am there. And finally...after the weirdest school year ever...lots of relaxation. Well, as much relaxation as one can get while being a full time graduate student. 


  1. After teaching kindergarten for 9 years I moved to 3rd grade 2 years ago and absolutely love it!
    Good luck with the new grade and hope you have a super summer that includes NO sunburns!

    : ) Renee
    The Third Grade Learning Spot

    1. LOL If I have no sunburns, it means I'll have to stay inside all the time. I'm so serious. I can be outside for 20 minutes, with sunblock, and still burn. It's crazy :)

      I have had 4th grade for 6 of my 9 years of teaching so I'm really excited to go to 3rd because I know where they need to be before they leave me at the end of the year. It should be a blast.

  2. Love your blog! I am moving rooms as well! I am finishing up my 2nd year teaching, so I don't have a lot to move, however, we are not aloud to pack up until kiddos are gone. So basically have to do it on our own time. I burn every time I'm in the sun!! Your cabin sounds fantastic! Have a great summer :)

    Momma with a Teaching Mission

    1. Oh I would be so sad if we couldn't pack up until the kids are gone...of course, we also aren't allowed in our schools over the summer so they really can't tell us not to pack up a little early because we'd all be there until midnight on the last day! lol

  3. I feel for you with the classroom shuffle and the sunburn dilemma....I've done the shuffle and have the same fair Irish skin. Thank God for hats and sun umbrellas! I just stumbled on to your blog through Farley's link up. What are you studying? I'm heading back this fall for my second Master's. This time in Ed Leadership. Have a great summer!
    On the Trail of Learning

    1. Hi Kay! I am working on my Ed.D. in Teacher Leadership. I didn't want to do a PhD because I don't care so much about the philosophical side but the actual practice of teaching. Plans are so open my own teacher led school in Michigan some day :)