Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy Holiday weekend!

I for one am super grateful that it's a long weekend. I am also super grateful for the format of my current graduate class because it means I can really take the entire weekend off from grad school (which was NOT possible with any of the other courses I have taken thus far). I have my weekly reflection to finish up this morning and one small assignment for my writing course and I'm good to go! Yay!

Yesterday, I brought home a new little friend. Meet Apollo.
 He is a 3 year old Leopard Gecko. Isn't he fun?

 Here is is checking out his new digs at our house for the summer. 

 It had been awhile since his cage had been cleaned so he spent a good 25 minutes just walking around it. It was pretty funny.

This picture makes me giggle. My 12 year old insisted we put the background up (which you can see with the plants) and he kept trying to climb the glass :) It's red in there because the heat lamp is on.

I got Apollo, formerly known as Sparkle and Mr. Gecko, from a colleague at school. She bought him her first year teaching as a support aide for a student who needed some TLC and she thought having the pet in class would give him some responsibility and help him get his stuff together. She mentioned last year that she wasn't sure she wanted to keep him and asked me if I wanted him. I wasn't sure about the yucky crickets so we held off for a year...but then she mentioned she was definitely going to get rid of him so I offered to take him. He will live at our house this summer and in the fall he will come to 3rd grade with me. My 3rd grade colleague has a turtle ("Mr. Turtle" lol) so she'll have him and I'll have the gecko. If we ever team teach, the kids will have an animal in both places. (Our plan was to team when we found out we were teaching together but she's having her first baby in October so I said let's hold off on that until she a) has her baby and b) decides if she wants to come back to teaching.)

I'm off to finish up the last of my assignments for this weekend and then I need to rouse my family so we can get going to our cabin for the first time this year. I'm excited! It will be hard this first time though since we've never been there without Morgan (whom we put down in December because he was very sick). I'm sure I'll shed a tear or two :(

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  1. What an adorable pet!! I think your students will love him. I have thought about getting a class pet, but always change my mind. Maybe next year.
    Happy Memorial Day!