Sunday, May 3, 2015

Erin Condren for next year!

In the 2013-2014 school year, I had an Erin Condren teacher planner for the first time. It seems like everyone in the spring of 2013 had jumped on the EC band wagon and I was no exception. The price was very steep but the planner was well organized and very, very functional. I did not purchase one for this year because I was being a cheapskate and didn't want to pay the hefty price.

But when I got an email letting me know that there was a teacher appreciation sale and 25% off, I couldn't resist. Plus once I actually looked at the new covers, I knew that I had to get this planner again.

It is a bit different from the first time I had one. The calendar pages have a note page included so you can add information or crafts from pinterest that you want to make sure you do, etc. I had ordered the extra checklist pages last time and did it again because I am SUCH a checklist freak. They were very, very helpful as well. Finally I added the two extra sheet protectors in the back. I can put my schedules and stuff there plus accommodation notes for any of my students who have IEPs that need documentation.

 How could you not just love the box itself?? It's so pretty!

 Purple is where it's at!! :)

 I was not having the best day ever when this arrived...someone knew I needed a pick-me-up note :) 

I could not resist this beautiful cover! It actually works great for 3rd grade because we do a research unit on Ocean Animals. This cover goes along with that theme! :) 

 This might be my favorite feature....each calendar is a two-page spread as it was before, but before those pages you have this. A nice notes page for that month along with a cover page for that month (the cover page isn't necessary but they obviously included it to put the notes pages with the month and not have a weird odd-page issue with the calendar itself). I love this because while I don't obsessively pin, I do have some ideas that I want to be able to jot down each month and if they are right'll be easier to remember those activities!

 Lesson plan pages are the same as in my old planner. I love the alternating colors. It's so pretty and clean. I bought erasable pens so that I can jot down my plans without fear of mistakes. They can't require us to put ANYTHING specific in our plans (such as standards, etc) so I can be as concise as I want in this little space.

The pages and pages of checklists! I love them! :)

Of course, being the cheapskate that I am, I probably wouldn't have purchased this without the 25% off because it IS a pricey planner. Alas, it is also very durable and everything is in one place. It's worth it, you just have to get over that initial how much does this cost?! factor. :)


  1. So glad I saw this post! I was just thinking about what planner to get for next year (I am switching from Kinder to ELD, so I will have a series of small groups rather than one class). 25% off is a great deal. I am hoping it is still being offered! Thanks!!

  2. I waited too long to order and they are completely sold out of teacher planners! :0(

    1. But fortunately...they will have more soon and probably new cover designs and stuff too. I didn't get my first one until July or something so as long as you have it before school starts, you'll be good!