Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Accident Update

So...about that car accident. Of course I had a ride to the hospital in an ambulance which I kind of felt was being overly dramatic about the whole thing, but I'm glad that I went because I have been in serious pain!

Not that there is ever a good time to get into a car accident, but this was seriously the worst timing ever. We already had two teachers out for the whole week on personal leave and my 5th grade colleagues have a week-long trip to the Immerse program at the museum. So really, it was me and the other 4th grade class (with a sub) on the 3rd floor. And we are testing. And a full moon. Awesome.

I made it through Monday (barely) but was incredibly sore by the end of the school day because I can't take my muscle relaxer at school as it knocks me out. So I suffered because I knew that they would not be able to find a sub for me if I was gone. I went in yesterday too and was in pain pretty much all day. They had my arm in a sling to keep the pressure off my shoulder but it was actually making things worse because of how the sling sits on your neck. Fabulous. (Not.)

I went to the doctor after work yesterday and he tossed the sling and said "it's hurting you more than it's helping at this point" (and I was very relieved to be rid of that darn thing). After an exam, nothing is broken (thank you Jesus) BUT it also isn't my shoulder that is the's my neck. He showed me how the muscles are all attached and said that is why my whiplash pain started with my shoulder but has progressed to my neck (not helped by that sling at all).

He also said "you are NOT going back to work until Monday". Ugh. Terrible timing, anyone?? I had warned Mr. Principal that it might happen as much pain as I was in. My kids were supposed to M-Step today but he said he would test the other 4th graders and I can resume with my class on Monday. Good gravy. 

I had a suspicion Dr. would make me stay home (he's been my doc for almost 15 years...he knows everything there is to know about me and I know his style) so I prepared sub plans for today and tomorrow just in case. A wonderful colleague put the note out for me this morning. We have such a sub shortage that no one picked up my THREE DAY job. So our music and PE teachers were me today. That is so, so wrong on so many levels :( I feel bad but what can I do??

I am going to stop in tomorrow to leave plans for Friday and gather all of the work that they have done in my absence (I'm very sure my infamous green basket is overflowing by now). It just stinks because I have zero planned for next week and will have trouble making copies and things before Monday AM. At least we will have testing for the first part of the day on both Monday and Tuesday so that I don't have to fuss to much for plans.

Laying around all day today helped a lot with the pain factor though so I'm glad my doctor made me stay home. It's not easy for me to just lay around as I'm usually going, going, going. But I have to rest so I can heal and get back to what I need to be doing. Good grief.


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