Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break

As of Thursday at 3:45 pm, I am officially on Spring Break :) Yay!

It's hard to be sad about not going anywhere for break when I just spent a week overseas. I'm good with a Stay-cation.

Most years we don't do much for Spring Break. I'm fine with it. We either stay home or go to our cabin. It's not warm enough to go there yet since we don't pay to heat it. It would be too cold and no one wants to go back to school on April 13 and be sick. Especially not me since I am the state testing coordinator in my building and it's pretty vital I am there for questions and support. Mr. Principal is available too but let's be real....he is often in meetings or observing or dealing with students who need a moment. It's smart to have a classroom teacher who can be a support too.

It would be even better if I had a student teacher right now but what're you gonna do? :) Everyone kind of panics about this test but I'm not. It's just a test. And for now at least it matters very little to my evaluation so I'm not going to stress it. My kiddos have practiced on the sample items Michigan released and it gives me pleasure when they turn to me, smile and say, "hey we did this with you!" and feel some confidence. That's what matters to me. I don't want my kids to be stressed.

So we decided that we would not ruin people's break with a meeting about the test. Instead we will jump to it when we return (because 5th grade starts the 14th). I decided it was more than fair to let everyone have their break and we can panic and stress when we come back (not that there is a need to panic).

We will spend most days here at home this week. Might take a couple excursions to local places but mostly....just chilling. I'm all about that. I need to finish up this grad course so I can enjoy my Spring Break from being a student too (that's in two weeks).

All in all, it'll be relaxing and relaxing. Just what I need before the strain of the last few weeks of school and the testing.


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