Sunday, March 29, 2015


The Husband insists I am an international super star. Sure felt that way this morning when our tour dropped us off at the airport. Only 4 of us went to the first terminal and the other 13 were going on to a different one. They clapped when we got off the bus ;)

It was truly the most amazing trip. I could be European. In fact, I had a man ask me for directions and I felt quite sad when I had to admit I had no idea how to direct him because I'm American. :D (Do you enjoy my more formal English?)

What a trip. I have some great goodies for my kids and got a souvenir for the fabulous sub who has been me while I have been away. She will also be me tomorrow for jet lag purposes. Additionally I did not bring my laptop on this trip, only my iPad so it was a huge pain trying to do any school work. (Fortunately my professors have been amazing about it once I told them where I was.) So much of tonight (after seeing my kids and hubby of course) will be spent on homework and likely a good portion of tomorrow as well. Gross. Not how I'd like to end this vacation but whatever.

Then it's three days of school and Good Friday so no school and then spring break. We are going to the new aquarium in Michigan. It will be awesome to spend a whole day with my family after missing them this week.

About an hour until my plane takes off and then 8 long and boring hours on the plane (where I will alternately sleep and read for class) and then hugging my family!


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