Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Those Lil Monsters

I have been totally MIA. Sorry! Things are super, incredibly busy and blogging is the absolute last thing on my mind. Conferences, snow days, my teaching partner retiring, finishing up a grad class and starting another. I've been busy.

Alas, I wanted to pop on and share this picture because it makes me giggle. I'm glad I snapped a picture of it even though my resource colleague thought I was off my rocker when I did so.

We have lots of glass on our doorway areas into our classrooms. I have covered mine for the last few years as it really cuts out on the kiddos distractions when other people are passing by in the hallway and whatnot. My homework spot is hanging on the inside and on the outside I put various things over the years (last year it was my Question of the Day board). This year I had frogs and caterpillar cut outs to represent the kids but some got ripped or torn so I ended up taking them down.

I found these little monsters at Dollar Tree and since my theme has been monsters, I couldn't resist them. No names on them because it was the only pack and didn't have enough for all of the kids. The Oldest put them on the window for me last Friday when she was finished with her college classes and helping in my room for the last 30 minutes of the day (I'm her ride home so she helps until we leave).

Of course they shut the heat off over the weekend so things end up falling off the walls and stuff. When I got to school Monday morning, this is what I saw outside my room: 

It kind of looks like they were having a party and jumped off the window. (Seriously aren't they adorable?!) I walked up and saw this and just started giggling -- kind of embarrassing since when I giggle like that I sound like Betty Rubble. But it was a good way to start a Monday considering my alarm didn't go off and I didn't wake up until after my girls were already supposed to have been on the bus (oops!). 

The Lil Monsters had a party and didn't invite me. Rude! :)


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