Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Planning for Finland

My Finland trip is almost here! I can hardly believe it. It seems like time goes so darn slow sometimes but then you're just days away from the trip of a lifetime and you wonder how time got away from you.

I am so incredibly excited for this trip. I'm not looking forward to the flight (recall I have flown a total of twice in my life...round trip to DC last March and I was not a fan -- flight was a short one but it was very windy and I did not enjoy it). Alas, this flight is about 8.5 hours, then a 3 hour layover and another 3 hour flight. Hopefully it's better....with the time difference, I'll be wanting to sleep most of the time hopefully.

The trip is going to be absolutely amazing. We are slated to see Temppeliaukio Church, have a lecture at the University of Helsinki Department of Education, visit a school in Helsinki and a day care centre (their spelling) there too. Overnight ferry to Stockholm and we'll go to Vasa Ship, have a guided sightseeing tour and dinner and then meet with teachers from Stockholm also. There is a little bit of free time but not a ton....and honestly some of that will be spent working on grad school because I still have to do the work even though I'm overseas. :) 

Planning for a sub for that long is not's so much harder to leave things for someone else to do. My sub is amazing and has subbed for us for years and I love her dearly, but she isn't me. I just don't want someone else teaching certain things because they won't do it how I do (controlling much??). Alas, I decided to leave a bunch of test prep and games and review things for the kids to do while I'm gone. Fun but educational. Downside?

The moutainous stack of paper! :(

Of course this IS for six days so I guess it could be worse....and there are books piled in there also but still!! It would be so awesome if we had 1:1 copying! Just uploading everything to EdMoto or whatever...oh well.

I'm gonna have a great time and it's gonna go by in a flash!


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