Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Data, Data!

So I mentioned the testing we are doing....we finished up MAP today. I think I have 1-2 stragglers who aren't done but otherwise 25 kiddos all done.

When I have a bit more time (read: when this graduate class is over in two weeks), I plan to have a mini-series of blog posts of how and why I use data the way that I do, including our MAP scores. But for now, I will share this:

{Disclaimer: I do not love testing and more testing but of all of the big tests we do, I DO appreciate and value MAP because if you know how to use the data, it really sheds a lot of light on many, many things and offers areas of growth.}

I teach in an ESL school where most of our students are LEP. I have about 50% LEP (although it should be more but distributions were weird this year). Anyway, I LOVE teaching ESL kiddos because they just grow so much. I had a friend who gained two grade levels in reading in half a year! I also had a friend who gained 20 points in math! (This friend is brilliant and it is almost unheard of for our kids to make that sort of growth when they are already that far above grade level -- he is officially off the chart because he is so high!)

That is why I do what I do. And why examining data is so important.

Once this grad class (which is incidentally about data) is done, I plan to share how I keep track of my MAP data, how I help my kids keep track of it and what we do with all of it once we have it.

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  1. I have several kiddos who gained over 100 points on DIBELS between Fall and Winter. Love it! ::side note:: In the course I am teaching, the text refers to ELLs as Emergent Bilinguals. I love the positive spin on that and that it recognizes how those children speak TWO languages. Several of my EBs have shown SO much growth since starting Kindergarten.