Friday, January 9, 2015

{Five for Friday} ~ January 9, 2015

Happy Friday! 

This is the weather alert that was on my phone yesterday at 3:30 when we were getting out of school. GROSS! 

 I had a phone interview yesterday. Since the weather was gross, I decided to stay at school and call into the conference line from there so that I wasn't on the highway and on the phone in the nasty weather. About 5 minutes before I was supposed to call in, while I was making copies for next week, the fire alarm went off. We had to evacuate the after school program and the kids did not have time to grab their coats. It was -15 degrees. I couldn't go to my room to get my coat or purse so I called into the interview call from the back seat of my colleague's car. That was a first, let me tell ya.

It's wrong that Michigan's temperatures are colder than those on Mars. I mean honestly.

 I got offered a 6th-8th grade teaching position from the interview yesterday this morning. I knew before I ever got off the phone with them that the job was mine if I wanted it. They didn't say that but they implied it and I very well read between the lines. Unfortunately, they can't meet my salary requirements so I am not accepting the position. It's a real bummer too because I think it would have been a really awesome change for me. (It's really depressing that finally someone values what I can bring to them...and then we can't come to an agreement over money. They wanted to pay me like a first year teacher...with 9 years experience, a master's and National Board Certification,I'm not willing to take a pay cut that big.)

Due to the ultra gross forecast and nasty conditions, school was closed for today. Best of all, they called it last night so I could sleep in (although I did wake up at 6 am anyway because my body is set to that internal time during school).


  1. That stinks that they didn't value your experience and pay's their loss! Hopefully, something better will come along!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

    1. I'm good with where I'm currently teaching. I just feel it's worth looking at other options, especially options like this one that promised to be more innovative than I am able to do right now. Alas, taking that kind of pay cut is not an option with a kid in college and me in doctor school. I made them a counter offer. We'll see if they want me bad enough to make it happen.