Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to School

Like many of my fellow bloggers, we were back to school today. It is bitterly cold here in Michigan so we were inside all day and I found out last night that it's a full moon. I was kind of scared to go to school today! ;) 

Aside from my 20 minute commute taking me 65 minutes this morning, today was actually really good. I was adamant about having my plans done, copies made and everything for the first day ready and done before I left on December 19 (AND leaving school by 4). I accomplished all of them. I was quite astounded yesterday to see so many posts on blogs and on FB about people starting their lesson plans. Too much pressure for me!

I did a ton of grading and whatnot yesterday but my plans and everything were done well before brea started. Thank goodness too since traffic was horrible and it took me 3 times as long to get to school today. 

I always worry a little about coming back from a break because you just never know how the kiddos are going to be. Today was much better than I thought it would be. Actually makes me a little worried for tomorrow. Alas we had a nice chat today and I shared with my kiddos that in 2 weeks they will be halfway through 4th grade....closer to being 5th graders and thus, my expectations are going to increase. I got a few groans, as I expected, but most of my students took it in stride. We'll see how they feel when I actually hold them to those expectations *wink*

Probably the best gift of today was a short staff meeting in which Mr. Principal did NOT lay on us a ton of upcoming crap that just overwhelms us. It hasn't really been too much of an issue at my current school but at Former School, I hated the first day after Christmas because our principal would lay out this laundry list of stuff we had to accomplish with testing and stuff and it was just overwhelming as heck. Nothing like being bombarded coming back from time off. This was much better. Short and sweet and no lingering "ohmygodidon'thavetimetodoallthat" feelings. 

I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions because I think they are hard to keep....but one goal I have for myself for the time being is to stop bringing crap home from school. I know, with our jobs that's hard to accomplish sometimes...but I'm physically in my building 45-50 hours per week. I get paid to be there for 30. So there is absolutely no reason I should be bringing home a ton of extra crap. So I'm not going to anymore. I may allow myself to do report cards from home because I can do those sitting on my couch but otherwise...nope. 

Grad school promises to be tough this term and I'm not going to stress myself out. If it takes me that long to get to grading something, I guess I don't need to grade it after all. Priorities. I have to give myself time to just relax and be me. See and talk to my family during the week.

So that's something I am going to try hard to stick with because I need that time and I need to learn to stop socializing at work (except at lunch) and get my stuff done so I can go home at a decent hour and see my kids, do my own homework and read or relax without freaking out about being behind on grad school. It'll all get done in good time, right?


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