Saturday, December 6, 2014

My Saturday

What do you think of when you think of Saturday?

Relaxation? Doing nothing? Spending time with the small people who may share your house with you? 

I'm sure if I asked you what you think of when you think of Sunday, your list would mirror mine: laundry, house keeping you haven't had time to take care of all week, lesson planning, grading, etc etc. 

But Saturday is supposed to be for relaxing. Right?

Not so when you're a graduate student in an online cohort. All of our big papers are due on Saturdays. I often spend the vast majority of Saturday working on the paper because I just don't have enough hours in the day during the week to do much with them on top of the smaller assignments we have spread throughout the week and trying to acknowledge the no-so-small-anymore people who live with me. (At this point, I just pray my children understand I'm doing this never-ending school thing to benefit their future as well as my own.) 

This is how my Saturday night is looking....
I may weigh 300 lbs by the time this degree is over -- see all that naughty food on my desk??

Instead of being out partying, spending time with friends or family, this is what I am doing. Exciting, right? *wink*

Alas, the end IS in sight. When I hit the "submit" button tonight, I will be D-O-N-E until January 4 when my new winter course begins. An entire month off from doing double duty. I am ever so grateful because I kind of miss spending real time with my family! 

Sorry my blog is nothing uber exciting these days...between things at school (that I am not going to go into publicly), working so hard on this course (if all goes well, I will finish the course with 100%) and trying to balance my family obligations, I am wiped.


  1. This comment will seem a bit random, but looking at your workstation I feel the urge to tout the benefits of having a second monitor! It will pay for itself in productivity in no time, given how much time you dedicate to sitting in front of it. You can have your paper open and working on it on one screen, then your sources/syllabus/assignment description open on the other, without the constant flipping back and forth between tabs. Seriously, it is life-changing. It'll take some arranging to make it work with that super cute desk you have, but give it some thought.
    And no I don't have any connection with anyone who sells monitors :).

    1. Usually I use my iPad to have my sources and stuff open on so it sort of acts like a 2nd monitor. I've seen the whole two-monitors thing happening at our therapy office and it's really interesting to me. I don't know if I'll ever invest in a 2nd one....maybe closer to the dissertation.